ACV MAX Appraisal empowers dealers with tools to effectively and consistently appraise cars while maximizing gross profits.

The Power of ACV MAX Appraisal

Appraisal technology redefined

  • VIN Scanning
    Scan or enter VIN directly from your smartphone or desktop for efficient access to vehicle information.

  • Book Values
    Access all relevant vehicle valuations from 3rd party sources all in one place on the mobile app.

  • Vehicle History Reports
    Access critical history records from CarFax or AutoCheck.

  • Market Listings
    Dig deep into the current market listings with insights such as market days supply, average mileage, total number of listings and more to strategically compete in your market.

  • Appraisal Calculator
    This tool remains at your side as you scroll for a user-friendly and uninterrupted experience.

  • OEM Window Stickers
    Over 50 million original Window Stickers are accessible to view on appraisals.

  • CRM Integration
    Automatically generate appraisals within ACV MAX through seamless integration with over 20 leading Automotive CRM companies

  • ClearCar Digital Pricing Engine
    Get a real-time, market backed price in as little as 60 seconds

  • Track your effectiveness
    Utilize the Lost a Customer Report, compare closing rates and corresponding gross profits of everyone who appraises cars in your dealership to gain actionable insights to optimize performance.

Level Up with ACV Pro

Elevate the precision of your appraisals by adding cutting-edge technology and tools that were once exclusive to ACV's network of professional inspectors, now available to you at your fingertips.


ACV MAX Appraisal now integrates ClearCar's comprehensive condition questionnaire, inviting consumer input on vehicle condition. Pinpoint vehicle conditions and adjust pricing in live-time to drive more precise and accurate appraisals.

Recon Alerts

Data compiled from millions of detailed inspections done by ACV Auctions alerts you of common recon issues in specific make and models during the appraisal to avoid spending more money on unexpected reconditioning cost.

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