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Access Ford Lincoln
Success Story

The MAX Team had a chance to catch up with Katherine Alexander, General Manager of Access Ford to learn more about her excellent closing rates for Lithia Motors, Inc. Here’s what she shared on how to close more.

It’s all about being there for your customer, sharing information and supporting the value.

We had a customer who was shopping around and no one was giving them an straight answer on the price. They pointed to a pre-owned truck and said “I just want a price on that F-150.” Our salesperson immediately picked up their phone and showed them the price, along with all the detail, equipment and packages on that truck. Twenty-minutes later they brought a cashier’s check and bought the truck. They aren’t all that easy, being able to be transparent pays off.

“A salesperson doesn’t know every product to perfection, especially on the pre-owned side. We use MAX Digital Showroom to fix that”

Katherine Alexander

Katherine Alexander, General Manager
Access Ford Lincoln of Corpus Christi

Every salesperson has that app on their phone. We’ve made the sales rep be more responsible and made it easy for them. What we’re finding is that each salesperson is able to sell more cars. We’re running with less sales reps selling more vehicles and everyone’s involved in every lead that comes across.

From the first contact point, we train really hard. They know that I will listen to the phone calls and they ensure that they are doing everything that they train on. They pull up the information. They share everything the customer needs to know. They build value starting on the phone. As they come in store, they are reinforcing that value.

It works, Katherine Alexander’s team at Access Ford has been able to set the pace on closing deals and their dealership is up year over year in pre-owned sales, despite the challenging year.

Most customers are going to press you on price you have to be able to show the value. We had a couple come in saying, “I know you can do better than that price.” Our team showed them the market comparison pricing all the details on competitors and shared, “How can we do better when we are already $1200 under the market value?” and they said, “Okay we’ll take it.” Having all that information at your fingertips, helps our customer understand that are getting a fair price and feel great about the purchase.

We have a similar really open process with the trade-in with MAX My Trade. When you are able to show your customers all the information that they need where they need it, it’s a lot easier to make the sale today and keep them coming back. MAX has made it easy for us. We use the full suite of tools and it makes a huge difference in closing more sales.

Lithia Motors, Inc. uses many MAX Digital products including: FirstLook | MAX My Trade | MAX Digital Showroom

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