Partner Testimonial: 5 Ways Maxdigital Goes To Work For Ciocca Dealerships

MAXDigital partners with dealership groups across the country to help them sell to today’s digital consumer. Jeff Pursel is the variable operations director for Ciocca Dealerships, a 10-dealership group in south-central Pennsylvania. Ciocca has partnered with MAXDigital since 2007 and we recently sat down with Jeff to learn some of the things Ciocca Dealerships values the most in MAXDigital’s platform.


Here are some highlights from our conversation with Jeff:

1. Justified pricing and transparency

One of the main advantages Jeff discusses is the price justification that MAXDigital’s platform provides Ciocca Dealerships. The platform gives data-driven validation that the price a customer sees is an accurate and honest price. This is made possible by our auto valuation tools that compare a vehicle price to other market listings, such as Kelley Blue Book.

MAXDigital can provide solid evidence of whatever the customer wants to know, leaving no room for blurred lines in between the information the customer saw online and the information the sales consultant has. Giving the customer confidence that Ciocca Dealerships is treating them fairly is crucial to making a dealership profitable.

2. Effective online marketing

The importance of attractive, quick, and easy online marketing cannot be overstated. The vast majority of customers begin their car search online, so it’s vital that marketing is done effectively there. Jeff says, “We can get pictures up online on our third-party sites and our websites very fast with the technology [MAXDigital] provides.”

3. Attractive content for marketing

Ciocca Dealerships smartly places an emphasis on having attractive content for marketing, with the help of MAXDigital. The software allows customers to find vehicles they like before they go into the showroom, which gives Ciocca Dealerships a head start in the selling process. It builds gross and holds the value of the car before the customer ever walks onto the lot.

4. Merchandising opportunities in the showroom

By having all the information at your fingertips in the showroom, Ciocca salespeople are able to show customers how their dealership, and specific vehicle offer, is different (and better) than competitors. Jeff and his team appreciate how MAXDigital’s automotive dealership software helps them stand out in a crowded market.

5. Great service as a partner company

Jeff says, “I would definitely recommend MAXDigital because of the high-level service they provide. But it’s really the personal relationship and the attention they give us as a partner that stands out.”

MAXDigital strives to deliver a reliable service-oriented connection with all of its partners, something Jeff and Ciocca Dealerships values most.

Whether your dealership needs support acquiring, pricing, merchandising, or selling vehicles, MAXDigital has you covered. Schedule your personalized demo today.

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