Eliminating The Inventory Sheet And Increasing Sales Performance

“Selling more cars for more money with a happy buyer is a formula for success,” said Andy Strong, partner of Waconia Dodge.

At the Waconia Dodge dealer, located in Waconia, MN, “We launched MAX Digital Showroom and it immediately eliminated the need for an inventory sheet previously used by our sales people,” said Andy Strong, partner of Waconia Dodge.

Confidence in the accuracy of the inventory information provided by the MAX Digital Showroom for the sales people rapidly generated more sales and higher gross revenue per vehicle. “Our sales people found themselves checking car inventories wherever they were at various times throughout the day. Our showroom was not only on the lot now but virtually anywhere,” said Andy. Sales people can find the pertinent inventory without too much time or thinking.

Speed with confidence accelerates the process of the sale. Streamlining the sales process speeds up the sale for the buyer and then makes the sales person available for the next buyer. “Buyers appreciate that,” said Andy. “MAX Digital is the leader in our industry and by focusing on our strategic sales support needs they deliver results for us in key measurable ways. We have increased our gross revenue per vehicle by over $300 and have significantly increased our car sales cars month over month”, said Andy.

The selling cycle has accelerated making the buyer, the sales person and dealer management all happy. “Selling more cars for more money with a happy buyer is a formula for success. When I read that MAX Digital was one of the fastest growing software companies in the US I was not surprised,” said Andy. This helps all of his sales people with every sale of any vehicle.

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