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Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Charleston
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The focus at Hendrick is the best possible buying experience, period. When it comes to taking a trade-in with their team, that means a friendly collaborative process with MAX My Trade that is entirely transparent. The MAX Digital team got a chance to talk with both Tony Holmes, General Sales Manager and Aaron Luna, Used Car Manager at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet in Charleston, South Carolina. Tony begins sharing how MAX My Trade has changed the trade-in experience.

People love to be able to do it themselves. We hand them the iPad. They are able to grade their own vehicle it’s very honest and clear.

In the auto industry it used to be “here’s what your trade is worth” and a value was just shared no explanation. At our stores it’s a transparent evaluation that the customer understands every time. They see the book values and they know the discounts from that value that they assigned.

The customer conversations are easier. Since we graded their vehicle together, let’s say at 75% of the full value, when we hand someone the number on their vehicle they understand where it came from.

Not only does the customer like the process, the salespeople like to use it. We use the scan tool so it’s easy.

The consistent use of MAX My Trade ensures they are delivering the same process every time. Using the tool structures the conversation so the customer is getting the same positive experience.

Anyone can come up with a great program, but it’s usually hard to make it stick. This is one we will keep going forever.  We’re believers!

They see that the customer is happy with the process and also that the financial results are solid delivering for both New and Pre-Owned as most new buyers are bringing in a trade.

Total gross on deals is up and MAX My Trade is a big part of that. Most importantly, though it’s the way we deliver the best trade-in experience for our customers every single time.

Tony Holmes

Tony Holmes, General Sales Manager

Aaron Luna, Used Car Manager, added, MAX My Trade is a really good tool. You go out with the customer. The customer grades their car, paint, tires, etc. they come up with a percentage, then you compare against the books. The typical customer rating is 70-80%. 10 would be a brand-new car, 9 is a pre-owned certified that has been through a 168 point inspection. We want them grading their own car. They do it themselves. It’s hard for a customer to say it’s a 9 or 10.

It’s just thinking outside the box. It’s a good tool to give customers the control, let them come up with the information. And if you need to adjust you can. Maybe the A/C is not blowing cold, you can assign a specific dollars off amount for that. It just makes it really fair and clear.

If any dealer tried it, they would love it.”

Aaron Luna

Aaron Luna, Used Car Manager

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