3 Major Advantages of an Effective Digital Showroom

May 6, 2016

Your sales team wants current, accurate information about your inventory. Your customers, armed with mobile devices on your showroom floor and hours of research, want a transparent, consistent, and simple buying process.

What is a dealership to do?

MAX Digital Showroom empowers your sales team and satisfies today’s digital consumer by streamlining the sales process from both sides. By leveraging a wealth of data generated from the MAX Content Generation Engine and presenting it in an accessible way, your dealership will establish a common ground and build trust between the sales team and today’s tech-savvy consumer.

MAX Digital Showroom Gives Sales Teams and Customers Advantages

Advantage #1: Your Sales Team Members are Product Experts.

Your sales team will no longer get into battles with customers constantly checking competitors’ prices right there in your showroom. Gone are the days when your sales team members say they do not have access to the latest product information.  MAX Digital Showroom gives your sales team every piece of information on your entire inventory right from their smartphone, tablet or desktop, turning them in to instant product experts, even on your off brand cars.

By seamlessly presenting that information back to the consumer, they transform into the consumer’s trusted ally rather than the enemy and ultimately prove value and hold gross in each vehicle.

Advantage #2: Your Customers Won’t Look Elsewhere for Accurate Information.

When researching a vehicle purchase, 81% of car shoppers use smartphones to do research when buying a car. This number includes the 63% of potential customers who “showroom” you while on your lot. To clarify, “showrooming” is when a customer is at a dealership looking at one car, while simultaneously searching online for similar vehicles at a competing dealership, more than likely listed at a lower price.  The MAX Digital Showroom eliminates the desire to showroom by providing them a price validating, value building mobile experience for the car they are standing in front of, versus the one down the block.

By using their mobile devices to scan information, dealership visitors can access all the information on every vehicle on your lot. Our platform is arranged to address the most common, pressing consumer questions, such as:

  • Why should I buy this car here with you instead of at another dealership?
  • Am I getting a fair price?
  • Is this car a lemon?
  • Why is this particular vehicle right for me?

Advantage #3: Easily Accessible Across Multiple Digital Platforms.

Today’s digital consumer is going beyond desktop research to find the right car for them. According to a 2015 Automotive Buyer Influence Study, 42% of recent car buyers used multiple devices to shop for cars, compared with 24% a year earlier.

MAX Digital Showroom is the perfect answer to meet customers exactly where they’re shopping at every point in the sales funnel. Both your sales team and your consumers are able to easily access MAX Digital Showroom on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, whether they use Android or Apple devices.

The first step of success is evaluating how your dealership is currently prepared to win today’s digital consumer. Complete your dealership audit today to see how you’re meeting today’s technologically-focused sales process. If you feel your dealership would benefit from learning more information about MAX Digital Showroom, schedule a free demo.