Acquire More Inventory and Sell it Quicker By Meeting Customers Where They Are

March 14, 2022

Consumers are shopping for cars very differently today. The buying habits of yesterday have evolved to a brand new process that involves a mixture of digital touchpoints and traditional methods. This hybrid approach to shopping provides consumers with increased information and data about your inventory. As a result, competition is more fierce than ever before. In order to battle other lots for valuable website views or foot traffic, the modern dealership needs to be smart in how they approach buyers. The best rule of thumb is to simply meet customers where they are. And that is online.

One of the first places a consumer is going to start their shopping journey is on the internet. Chances are that they will begin by typing the make and model of the vehicle they are looking for into a search engine. They will want to receive instant results about available inventory, where to find it, and how much it will cost. But what if they don’t? One way for your dealership to stand out from the competition is to utilize all of what Google has to offer. Be strategic in how you advertise and merchandise your inventory. With Google My Business, your dealership takes a step to the forefront with a hyper-localized take on SEO. Elevate your profile today and see fast results. Not only are you meeting customers where they are, but you are also increasing opportunities to sell

However, some customers will feel more comfortable heading directly to your website before they make it to your lot. It’s up to you to provide the best customer experience possible. Treat your website the same way you would treat your showroom. How the consumer navigates your digital space is important. Keep it clean, but purpose-driven. Allow them opportunities to learn about vehicles while providing them with complete transparency into pricing and inventory options. Minimize the pop-ups, and when possible, give them a bridge to talk to a person. Automation is good, but human interactions will remain a fixture in the car buying process for the time being.

Finally, meet customer expectations by providing the best possible social interaction experiences. Everything from Twitter to TikTok is an opportunity for you to showcase your inventory. Consumers are already browsing the many various social media platforms. This provides you with an opportunity to get creative. Like your website, keep your photos crisp, descriptions concise, and make transparency a high priority. You will get the chance to interact with customers as they casually browse through your inventory. Provide solutions, opportunities, and clarity via social media to see an increase in traffic to your website and your lot.

The automotive retail industry is dealing with a lot right now. And, more than ever before, the customer experience matters. Consumers want to view dealers as trustworthy consultants. To accomplish this, you need to operate in the same space where your customers are spending a lot of their time. Meet them where they are. Create bridges, not friction. Digital touchpoints will continue to grow, shrinking the amount of time a consumer will spend at your brick and mortar store. If you want to start meaningful conversations, then simply go to the consumer. MAX Digital knows it’s not easy to make this transition. Based on our many years of experience in automotive retail, we are poised to help your dealership meet customers where they are and improve the overall experience. Let MAX Digital help your dealership level up by scheduling your free consultation.