Appraise and Acquire Confidently with a Strong Dealership Appraisal Tool

September 21, 2021

When it comes to being a successful car dealer, you need inventory. While that may be a tad difficult to do given the current supply chain shortages, it just means that you need to stick to your bread and butter. Appraising and acquiring inventory will always be the first stop on your road to success. But, that’s easier said than done. The goal is that you acquire a vehicle, merchandise it properly, then sell it quickly...for the highest gross possible. You need a strong dealership appraisal tool to do that.

You see, appraising a car correctly is critical. You have to be as accurate as possible when rating the quality of a vehicle. What’s more, you have to do it with transparency. Doing this will build trust between you and the car’s owner. You need that vehicle for your inventory, so utilizing a powerful dealership appraisal tool will help you be successful.

After you give a fair appraisal, you need to be confident in acquiring the vehicle. Just because you have given a price doesn’t mean they are ready to sell. Walk through all the points for reconditioning and explain the real worth of their vehicle. This is a moment where you can bond. Building trust establishes value in the deal. The car’s owner gets peace of mind that they aren’t being ripped off, and you gain a precious piece of inventory for your lot.

A dealership appraisal tool for your lot means more than just buying random software. You need something dynamic that plays in conjunction with your roadmap and goals. Because appraising and acquiring vehicles is an art, adopt dealership appraisal tools that help you gain the inventory you need. Learn which cars will perform best on your lot. Discover which vehicles underperform. You will get a robust data set that will help you make evidence-based decisions that improve your dealership while enhancing the customer experience.

Always be focused on building trust with transparency. As this part of the process is so important for your dealership, do not take it lightly. Invest in a dealership appraisal tool that works for you. Get the real facts and figures on trade-ins and acquire with confidence. You have the power in this situation, so move forward with a solution that works best for you.
MAX Digital can help you appraise vehicles better, and acquire cars creatively. As a leader in the automotive retail industry, MAX Digital can teach you the ins and outs of this important facet. A dealership appraisal tool is the right first step to acquiring more inventory and holding more gross. Stop guessing and start winning. Schedule your free consultation today!