April 2020 Update: Improving Automotive Search Trends

April 29, 2020

Last month we shared, how automotive traffic trends were affected by the coronavirus outbreak. At the time the news wasn't very good. We are pleased to share that there is a noticeable difference now with the key terms that SimilarWeb had identified as the top five non-branded organic driving desktop traffic to the automotive category last year: car loan calculator, used car, car value, auto loan calculator, and used tesla1. If you look at relative searches against those key terms now, those top two terms of "used car" and "car value" are nicely trending up.

Non-Branded Terms Interest Over Time

Source: Google Trends accessed April 29, 2020

Key Terms + CarMax & Carvana

Adding in CarMax and Carvana, as well as the critical dealership near me are all trending in a very positive direction.  

Source: Google Trends accessed April 29, 2020

Key Terms/Brands + Coronavirus Interest Over Time

Finally, adding in general searches on coronavirus, gives perspective that while searches are well off peak related to coronavirus, they still dominate when mapped against key automotive search terms.

Source: Google Trends, accessed April 29, 2020

While we have still have a long way to go, it is heartening to see the positive trends in consumer interest.

Know that we are here to help and support in this challenging time. We have received positive feedback on MAX BDC, as well as FirstLook Market Alerts and the availability of GM iMR funds and will continue to seek and expand ways to better serve the dealership community.


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