Are You Doing Everything Possible to Expedite Your Process?

August 20, 2015

Do you ever wonder how long it takes to get your inventory online?  To export your vehicles with a photo, price and description?  How much does this cost you?  What you can do to expedite this process?  These are questions I ask the decision makers of large groups across the United States daily.  If you don’t know the amount of time this takes and or the expense, then I implore you to find out.

In a workshop that I like to administer, we explore these concepts.  The key is that we take your hard numbers and put a dollar figure to this.  Then we display these numbers to the individuals that thrive on competition, the UCM.  What will this do for my business, you might ask?  Just think about it.  How are your managers paid?  If they could make more money by simply expediting their inventory online, in turn selling your inventory faster, wouldn’t you want to have this metric?

I use to work for a very large retailer in the auto industry.  Everything that we did had a metric applied to it.  From the time the vehicle was received until the time it was sold.  We had meetings after meetings on how we could trim this down.  Cut the fat, expedite the process.  I used to think of them as monotonous.  Here we go again, another meeting.  Hindsight is 20/20.

We were ahead of the times.  We saw the big picture and where the industry was headed.  Now ask yourself, am I doing everything possible to expedite my process?  Am I scrutinizing my business to help trim the time it takes to put a photo online or a vehicle?  How can I make more money without adding cost?  Take the time now to train and educate your team, in turn you will see the results.