How to Arm Your BDC Team So They Can Set More Appointments

March 20, 2018

Your BDC team is often the first point of contact the customer has with your dealership. And as the saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression. So ask yourself, what impressions are your BDC teams giving off?

The mission of the BDC team is to set appointments for each inquiry that comes in, whether by phone or email. The key to being successful is equipping your team with all the information they need in order to build quality, value—and most of all, excitement—about the car (and your dealership).

Thanks to the internet, buyers are more informed than ever. Consumers spend hours researching cars online before visiting a dealership. On the flip side, it is very rare that your BDC team will be experts on all of the cars and their respective features, especially off-brand vehicles. They may also be working at an offsite location and be managing 10, 20 or 30 dealership locations at once.

By pairing up a well-informed consumer with a BDC rep who isn’t knowledgeable on the vehicle, the results can be disastrous. To level the playing field, dealerships need to give BDC teams the tools and technology to turn them into “instant experts” on every car in their inventory, both in-brand and off-brand.

To win more appointments, make sure your BDC teams can answer the following 5 questions, proactively and with ease:
1. Is this car right for me?
2. Am I buying a lemon?
3. Why is this car better than others I’ve seen?
4. Is this a fair price?
5. Why should I buy from this dealership?

Remember: customers want facts. They don’t want to be sold to; rather, they want to be educated. They want product experts, not salespeople.

With technology like the MAX BDC, BDC teams can quickly and easily pull up each vehicle and educate the customer on what they might not already know about the car, such as:

  • The vehicle’s OEM packages and the value of those packages
  • Carfax Vehicle History Report
  • Kelley Blue Book Pricing and market average
  • Warranty information

“MAX Digital has been a game changer for our BDC team which is offsite and manages 30 stores,” said one General Manager. “It gives the phone reps a ton of confidence to have the car product information readily available to them.”

If the customer wants to think about it or talk it over with family and friends, MAX BDC allows BDC reps to send the information directly to the customer via e-mail or text, creating transparency, while also capturing their contact information.

A technology-enabled, repeatable process allows BDC teams to answer the customer’s questions intelligently, and overall build that excitement to get them in the door. It creates BDC teams who are instant experts on every car on your lot, and customers who see the value of their next vehicle.