Back to Basics: Building the Best Automotive Internet Sales Process for your Dealership

November 10, 2021

The buying journey is unique for everyone. As a result, how you connect with your customers is critical. This complicates the car buying process for dealers. But fear not, as with there being so many emerging touchpoints, it’s increasingly simple to bridge the gap between you and customers. Your digital properties are more important than ever before. So, emphasize how you interact with shoppers by creating more opportunities for engagement.

Your internet sales process has been a leading player in the customer experience for some time. Consumers currently browse your website to see availability, pricing, and service options. But your site can be so much more than that. As digital retailing takes foot, there are many parts of the buying journey that can be completed online. This saves the customer time and headaches. Gone are the days where the shopping process is bloated with moments of engagement that can be streamlined from the comfort of their home.

Email interactions are a big piece of the puzzle. Any time you can communicate directly with the customer outside the showroom puts you at an advantage. Modern car shoppers are over the idea of playing phone tag with salespeople. Get them the information they want and send it to them instantly with a solution that unites your CRM, DMS, and other solutions. Creating a digital showroom and providing shoppers with details on vehicles helps you stand out in the competitive market.

Your marketing arm, however, extends beyond your website and emails. When it comes to internet sales for your dealership, take advantage of social media platforms. Here, there is an excellent opportunity to engage with car shoppers in a more digitally personalized manner. They will be browsing your properties in the same fashion as your website. But now, you can target ads based on search habits and demographic details. Take advantage of listing your inventory here. Have conversations about getting trade-ins. It’s all possible via social media, and you should be spending some time playing around there.

Outside of that, Google My Business is an excellent tool to help you interact with consumers at a more engaging level. The search engine giant has rolled out many updates that help dealers get their names, and inventory, out to a wider audience. These touchpoints are vital in bringing traffic to your lot. With the zero-click search battle raging on, it is more important than ever to stay on top of where you rank. Put Google to work for your dealership as a salesperson...not just a search engine.

The internet and your digital properties are of the utmost importance to your sales tactics. Make your digital presence more than just a lead generation system, and elevate technology to bring more traffic to your lot. From your website to Google, there are plenty of ways to enhance your internet sales process. Step up how you communicate with customers. Create new digital touchpoints and improve the entire customer experience. This isn’t something that you have to do alone. MAX Digital has the solutions to help you out. Selling cars while holding more gross is your recipe for success. Contact MAX Digital today to find out how to leverage emerging technology and social media to help build the best automotive internet sales process at your dealership.