How Does A Good BDC Help Lead Generation?

March 24, 2020

There are several ways a business development center (BDC) can help generate leads. But it starts and ends with using the right BDC platform to begin with. MAX BDC has everything your dealership needs to drive leads, set appointments, and put customers in front of salespeople. Here's how.

4 Ways MAX BDC Improves Your Lead Generation

1. Instant Gratification

Customers don't want to spend a lot of time on the phone, and MAX BDC makes sure they won't. Staff can search your inventory using conversational text to quickly find what the customer is looking for and focus the conversation on the correct listings. When a BDC team member has to consult with a floor salesperson about inventory, the customer's attention — and business — is lost. MAX BDC eliminates the lag and drives an instant lead.

2. Thorough Answers

MAX BDC allows your team to get customers the answers they need to agree to a test drive. With our software, you can quickly provide trade-in estimates, OEM package details, completed services, and high-value options and features. Everything your team needs to convert a shopper to a visitor is at their fingertips. 

3. Integrated Leads

A standalone application that seamlessly integrates with all major CRM systems allows your BDC team to easily book appointments and manage leads. Cut down on training time and empower your BDC team to take the wheel.

4. Personalized Displays

Every detail, image, and customer preference is packaged into a shared online space designed special for that customer. Any team member can access the page via text, email, or QR scan to set up easy and immediate in-store success. Enable your BDC team to personalize leads that will carry over to the floor.

Schedule a Free MAX BDC Demonstration

See how MAX BDC helps with lead generation by scheduling a free online demonstration. Our three-way collaborative tool gets your customers, your BDC, and your sales team in sync. You'll deliver more satisfaction and generate higher quality leads. And because half the sale is made by your first point of contact, your floor conversion will go through the roof.

Schedule your demonstration today and give your customers and your sales teams the experience they each seek.