Break on Through to the Other Side

June 16, 2022

Has your dealership been restricted by a force out of your control? It’s difficult enough to move forward and address disruptors causing volatility in the industry. But if your own processes are working against you, then your dealership will be stuck in the danger zone. With grosses still high, now is the time to gain control of your operations and deploy technology solutions that empower your lot…not hinder it. Many of the available tools leveraged at your dealership may actually be holding you back from being successful. How do you break through these barriers?

Start by doing an audit of your current solutions. Chances are that your inventory management system is restrictive towards your operational goals. You need the freedom to work efficiently across different platforms to create an ecosystem for your dealership. Instead of being held back, implement a solution that helps you acquire and stock with confidence. Data makes a difference here and allows you to identify the highest potential vehicles to add to your inventory. Everything from internal transfers, make-a-deal opportunities, and quick links to auctions can help you reliably stock directly from a dashboard.

From there, examine your process for merchandising. If your current practices prevent you from moving forward, then it’s time to make a pivot. Disrupt the way you are doing things by pricing your inventory competitively without racing to the bottom. Best of all is that with next-generation solutions, you are able to do this swiftly. When the market readjusts, you’ll be able to hold the same grosses that you are now. If the merchandising process is slow, then you are missing out on opportunities to sell. Get your cars listed as quickly as possible in a manner that highlights the benefits and packages of the car.

Finally, dig down deep into how you source vehicles. Depending on how your dealership is structured, you might have reduced chances to grab inventory. Don’t fool yourself. There is inventory out there. Consumers present opportunities for you to buy cars in a non-traditional manner. The old way of doing things belongs where it is…the past. Moving into a more streamlined ecosystem allows you to interact with consumers on an elevated level. But you have to meet them where they are. Step out of your comfort zone and begin hunting for pieces of inventory in your own backyard. If this isn’t an option for you, or you don’t know how to pull this off, then stop reading right now and contact us to discover how to accomplish this.

Success is always within reach. But it is up to you to decide to pursue greatness and stop using technology that is holding you back. New solutions are available that are easier, more streamlined, and offer an opportunity for your dealership to regain its independence. Take the time to audit your current systems with a sharp eye on what restrictions exist. Next, examine your process for merchandising in a way that explores how well you are getting your inventory to the public. Last, dig deep into where you are getting vehicles. Think outside the box and get creative in how you source.

Put yourself on the path to break through to the other side. MAX Digital is a trusted partner in the automotive retail industry capable of elevating your dealership to the next level. From inventory management to merchandising, and everything in between, MAX Digital brings advanced technological solutions designed with your dealership in mind. Want to find out more? Schedule your free consultation today!