Buying on Emotion and Value Versus Lowest Price

October 28, 2015

I recently went to Digital Dealer and saw my colleagues present THE DEALERSHIP CROSSROAD: Basing Your Sales Strategy On Quality & Value Versus Lowest Price. They talked about quality and value with regards to car sales. They are giving a similar presentation via webinar this Thursday, consider attending!

My colleagues’ presentation has gotten me thinking a lot about price versus value lately. What’s more important… how much value you get out of something or how much you pay for it?

Think about buying a new house. You buy a house to make it a home… for the experiences you will have. The thought of how you will gather around the kitchen or a new area to host a holiday meal. You don’t buy a house based strictly on the price – you’re willing to pay the price for the value you imagine though your emotional connection with the house.

When we buy a car we also buy on emotion and value… we aren’t buying on price alone. But so many of today’s dealers try to sell a car based on its price versus the value of the car a perspective buy is considering. What if dealers built excitement, trust, confidence and perceived value to lead us to an agreed upon fair price? Do you think our buying experience would be different?