Car Stories: “But of Course”

October 10, 2019

Car Stories: Bill Rogalla, “But of Course”

Cars are independence and freedom, allowing us to go on a cross-country adventure, visit friends and family, work, explore, and simply take care of our daily needs. From encounters with the authorities to junkyard beauties, early car experiences are funny, formative and become a part of who we are.

Bill Rogalla’s car story recounts the first car he ever drove. His ‘92 beige Toyota Corolla was a Base Model, and when he says base model, he means BASE model. Let’s just say, the old rusty car wasn’t equipped with any amenities, so he supplied one of his own. Take a listen to Bill's car story.

"I'm Bill rogalla, Senior Product Manager here at MAX Digital in the Chicago office. I wanted to give a quick story about my first car.

"It was a 92 Toyota Corolla base model. When I mean base it was a base model - in beige, no power steering, no power brakes, no ABS brakes, no power windows, no power locks. It was a very, very base, beige car. The thing I remember most about that car and I had this now in 2001 to 2007 so it was already an old car with rust through most sides of it. But the most important thing in that car was in the glove compartment. We always kept little packets of Grey Poupon mustard, because you would never be sure if someone rolled up next to you and asked, 'Pardon me…', if I needed any Grey Poupon I would be prepared.

"I hope that are still out there. It was out there as a five or 10 years ago from the guy that I sold it to but glad I got a new one. But that's that's the car last for a long time and did some good work."

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