Car Stories: "Car Trouble"

December 30, 2019

Car Stories: Kim Evenson, “Car Trouble?”

Cars are independence and freedom, allowing us to go on a cross-country adventure, visit friends and family, work, explore, and simply take care of our daily needs. From encounters with the authorities to junkyard beauties, early car experiences are funny, formative and become a part of who we are.

Kim laughs as she recalls learning to drive a manual transmission Dodge Colt. Despite her best efforts to shift smoothly, a kind stranger saw someone in need of help due to the lurching of the car. What he thought was car trouble, was just a brand new driver behind the wheel. Take a listen to Kim's car story.

"I've been asked to share one of my first car stories. And the first one I want to share is, when I was learning to drive, I was learning to drive on a stick shift dodge coals. It was, I think the only one that my mom could afford. It was like this awful color green with brown racing strategies, if you can imagine. And so I think we got a really good deal on it.

"It was stick and I was not driving that well. So the car was kind of like stopping and starting. And this guy came around the corner and just asked if he could help us. And I just remember my first car moment with no car trouble. I'm just trying to that was my first experience of all of the cars that I had since then that I've driven and been manual."

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