Car Stories: “I Break for Lakes”

March 3, 2020

Car Stories: Matt Gibson, “I Break for Lakes”

Cars are independence and freedom, allowing us to go on a cross-country adventure, visit friends and family, work, explore, and simply take care of our daily needs. From encounters with the authorities to junkyard beauties, early car experiences are funny, formative and become a part of who we are.

There’s nothing like having a lake in your backyard, but the back of your SUV is another thing… At 16, Matt Gibson was eager to lend a hand, or a plow, in the winter months which led him to eight great months with a holey 1990 Suburban. Take a listen to our very own, Matt Gibson's car story.

"Back when I was 16, I worked out a deal with my church where I would buy their 1990 Suburban with a plow on it and plow their sidewalks for them every Sunday morning before mass.

"I Had the car for about eight months. We had to weld the back tailgate shut and put plexiglass in it because it wouldn't stay shut and with that there were holes in the top where water would collect. So every time you would hit the brakes water would pour into the back of the car and soon I had a small puddle or lake living in it. And then after a while, you know, me my buddies we had a little boat or we'd borrow somebody's boat or something like that, and eventually it rusted out and I was driving and the rear axle fell off of it. So I had to get it towed to the junkyard and that was the end of the 1990 Suburban."

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