Congratulations to Baum Chevrolet Buick, MAX Digital’s September Dealership of the Month

September 21, 2023


We are delighted to announce that Baum Chevrolet Buick is MAX Digital’s September Dealership of the Month.

Baum Chevrolet Buick is a family-owned, third-generation dealership that provides an extensive selection of top-quality new Chevrolet and Buick vehicles as well as pre-owned inventory of all makes and models to Clinton, Illinois. The store, part of the Baum network of dealerships, has been in operation selling (and buying) cars since 1928. In order to provide a unique and heightened customer experience, Baum Chevrolet Buick goes above and beyond to offer solutions that impact every aspect of vehicle ownership.

Will Daniels is the Sales Manager of Baum Chevrolet Buick. As a tenured member of Team Baum with over 28 years of experience, Daniels possesses a wealth of industry knowledge that he uses to improve the consumer journey on a daily basis. A graduate of the National Auto Dealers Association Academy, Daniels has previously served in the detail, parts, sales, and service departments at Baum Chevrolet Buick. His commitment to service and knowledge of automobiles makes him a fixture in the community. 

“I remember attending NADA back in 2008. We were on the hunt for an appraisal tool and wanted to see what the show had to offer,” said Daniels. “We saw a lot of great options while we were there, but after some time, discussion, and testing, we went with MAX. Here we are 15 years later and I wouldn’t trade our partnership for the world.”

Daniels continued to discuss the importance of having a solution that was big enough to solve his day-to-day problems while still being customizable enough to grow with their needs. For Baum Chevrolet Buick, a simple-to-use, efficient system is critical to their success. MAX’s offerings elevate the dealership’s operations and let Daniels focus on what he does best: Helping the community. 

“For us, MAX’s tools are essential…and I mean ESSENTIAL. We use their solutions for sales, syndication, merchandising, inventory management, and repricing. If you want to grow your business, maximize your time, and hold more gross, then MAX’s solutions are right for your dealership.”

Will Daniels, Sales Manager at Baum Chevrolet Buick

For Baum Chevrolet Buick, assisting the community of Clinton is an important part of their mission. To provide the best service, the dealership operates by providing big-city offerings with a small-town feel. Customers come from all over the area to shop their lot. As a truly full-service dealership, Baum Chevrolet Buick offers a detail department, body shop, quick lube, and even wreckers. If it affects your vehicle, Baum has you covered. 

Learn more about Baum Chevrolet Buick, their love of customer service, and their goal of offering everything beyond the normal.

Congratulations to the whole team!


Baum Chevrolet Buick uses MAX Inventory, MAX Ad and MAX Digital Showroom.