Congratulations to BMW of Eugene, MAX Digital’s August Dealership of the Month

August 17, 2022

We are delighted to announce that BMW of Eugene is MAX Digital’s August Dealership of the Month.

BMW of Eugene provides a vast selection of top-quality new BMW models, as well as used vehicles of all makes and models to the Eugene area of Oregon. Part of the Swickard Auto Group, BMW of Eugene has always been a strong store serving a large market. Their goal is to focus on customer satisfaction by being more than a dealership. To provide a frictionless experience, they think of themselves as a hospitality company that deals in automobiles.

"I’m a car salesman, not a collector…inventory turn and velocity to the sale is the name of the game in used cars. The data and technology that helps us turn our inventory fast and maximize profits is what we have focused on. When our dealership started to improve our used car operations, I knew we needed solutions in place to help us sell based on data. MAX Digital helps us understand what price cars should really be selling for. We get to see what number will bring us the most views and traffic to our lot. MAX is unparalleled in its ability to help us turn metal."

— Jacob Harris, General Manager at BMW of Eugene

You see, BMW of Eugene wasn’t always the strongest used car store, as they previously focused on turning new automobiles into sales. But as their used car market grew, the dealership realized that they needed to further adapt. BMW Eugene values being ahead of the curve above all else. And that’s why they trust MAX Digital.

“MAX Digital is a tech company dedicated to helping dealers succeed,” Harris added. ”The support team with MAX digital is world-class. We never have to worry about getting a question answered. MAX is the best in the country at supporting dealerships. They infuse data into every aspect of the process and put ethics and integrity into helping dealerships succeed.”

But BMW of Eugene goes beyond just moving the most vehicles in the area. For them, the concept of being customer first is a way of life. They make it a priority for consumers to become repeat customers. BMW of Eugene doesn’t just sell vehicles, they assist shoppers in making decisions that will resonate for years to come. They are a prominent member of the community and are scaling to better assist those who support the dealership. Giving back to Eugene is important, and their dealership is dedicated to providing a loving staff and warming environment.

Learn more about BMW of Eugene, their passion for hospitality, and how providing vehicles is a team effort.

Congratulations to the full team!


BMW of Eugene uses MAX Inventory, MAX Ad, and MAX Digital Showroom.