Congratulations to Hertrich Ford of Easton, MAX Digital’s March Dealership of the Month

March 25, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Hertrich Ford of Easton is MAX Digital’s March dealership of the month.

Hertrich Ford of Easton provides a vast selection of the latest new Ford models and top-quality used vehicles. As a dealership, they strive to provide more than just the normal customer experience. Nestled in an area well known for its history, Hertrich Ford is part of the largest auto dealer group on the Delmarva Peninsula. Their attention to detail and never-ending pursuit of customer satisfaction has elevated them to be a top-tier dealership.

In particular, Hertrich Ford focuses on the value of technology to help stay competitive. They utilize MAX Digital’s pricing engine regularly in order to stay ahead of the curve. This allows them to see how much traffic a piece of inventory is getting while being able to stay relevant to digital-savvy consumers. Information helps them stay competitive and allows Hertrich Ford to make informed decisions.

"In this environment that the automotive industry is in, if you aren’t 100 percent on your game and don’t have the advanced tools and technologies to be on your game, you’ll constantly be missing opportunities. And in this environment, every opportunity is invaluable…every last one. And that’s where MAX Digital comes in."

— George Greenway, General Manager at Hertrich Ford of Easton

As a fixture on Delmarva, Hertrich Ford of Easton emphasizes giving back to the community. They are very involved in grassroots events. Recently, they raised $70k for the county hospice center. On top of that, Hertrich Ford heavily participates with the local schools. Each year, they do a Teacher of the Year Program. The winner of the award is provided with an automobile to drive to work for the year.

Learn more about Hertrich Ford of Easton, their dedication to the community, and their goal of providing next-level customer experiences.

Congratulations to the full team!


Hertrich Ford of Easton uses MAX Digital Showroom, MAX Ad and MAX My Trade