Congratulations to Hertrich Honda Kia, MAX Digital’s August Dealership of the Month

August 23, 2023


We are delighted to announce that Hertrich Honda Kia is MAX Digital’s August Dealership of the Month.

Hertrich Honda Kia provides an expansive selection of top-quality new Kia vehicles and pre-owned inventory in the Easton area of Maryland. As part of the Hertrich family of dealerships, this store achieves its goal of family-centric selling day after day. They strive to provide unparalleled customer service and always go the extra mile for every consumer, whether they are on the lot or online. Hertrich Honda Kia is more than just a smile, they are a beacon of customer confidence.

Ben Belote is the Used Car Manager of Hertrich Honda Kia and has been with the auto group for over 20 years. Since starting with Hertrich in the detailing department, Belote has learned about the industry and grown in his ability to build relationships and deliver experiences. For him, used vehicles are more than just a commodity. He firmly believes in the difference that the right vehicle can make in a person’s life.

As he has moved up the ranks over the years, Belote has touched every aspect of the used car operation, including wholesaling, service, and retail. As the Used Car Manager of Hertrich Honda Kia, he takes the group’s model for family-first service seriously.

“Pricing is important in the used car industry. If we make guesses or go with our gut too often, it’s the customer that suffers. I need to have the best information and data available…and it needs to be easily accessible from one spot. MAX empowers us to make decisions that help us provide the best customer experience possible. It’s that simple.”

Ben Belote, Used Car Manager of Hertrich Honda Kia

Belote continued by explaining how other technologies are siloed and force users to go to multiple sites to obtain market information, pricing, and availability. For him, the ability to streamline his operations and gain insights allows him to be more efficient in every aspect of his department, and in turn, pass quality care on to the customer.

“MAX appraisals are faster and cleaner than anything else out there. 99% of the time, I feel more comfortable with the number I get from MAX over anywhere else. And that’s not just a statement, that’s the truth. Nobody in the market can do what MAX does…and the competition is tough. Simply put, MAX tells me what a car is accurately selling for.”

For Hertrich Honda Kia, sales are key to creating lasting relationships. That’s why this store emphasizes service over all else. Their approach to providing excellent experience starts with a relaxed environment where customers feel welcomed, comfortable, and appreciated. This family-friendly attitude allows consumers to shop with confidence and engage with Belote’s team on a personal level.

Learn more about Hertrich Honda Kia, their goal of creating a family-first environment, and their ability to provide inventory options that put a smile on the customer’s face.

Congratulations to the whole team!


Hertrich Honda Kia uses MAX Inventory, MAX Ad and MAX Digital Showroom.