Congratulations to Kia Country of Charleston, MAX Digital’s February Dealership of the Month

February 22, 2023


We are delighted to announce that Kia Country of Charleston is MAX Digital’s February Dealership of the Month.

Kia Country of Charleston provides a vast selection of top-quality new Kia vehicles and used cars of all makes and models to the Charleston, South Carolina area. For over 20 years, Kia Country of Charleston has maintained a commitment to providing an ultimate consumer experience while also giving back to the local community. With a mixture of quality inventory, competitive pricing, and a focus on customer service, the dealership has set itself apart from the pack year after year. In 2023, the dealership is celebrating its 20th anniversary in a big way.

“It doesn’t seem like 20 years; it seems like yesterday. In the early years, we got attention with “buy one get one at no charge” and gave a car to the customer who hung on the longest (a week). Today, the Kia brand has evolved from discount throwaway vehicles to a challenger brand that now leads the industry in many areas including design, technology, and marketing. We are proud to be representing such a forward-looking manufacturer in the greatest city in the United States,” said General Manager, Steve Appelbaum of Kia Country of Charleston.

For Appelbaum, providing an unparalleled customer experience is of the utmost importance. As Kia Country of Charleston continued to grow and expand, they inspected their processes to put a diligent focus on integrating the best solutions possible to help consumers shop with ease and confidence. 

About ten years ago, we took a step back to examine what we were using for an inventory management system at our dealership. Our current setup was taking too long and we were wasting time getting cars online. When we brought on MAX, we immediately noticed a difference in descriptions and integrations. Using MAX in tandem with our web provider empowers us to provide the customer experience our shoppers desire by utilizing the best descriptions available. The team at MAX is easy to work with and seamlessly integrates with other vendors to make us the dealership we aspire to be.

Steve Appelbaum, General Manager of Kia Country of Charleston

For Kia Country of Charleston, this online presence with MAX sets them apart, makes them unique, and elevates them to be the best. But selling vehicles isn’t all that matters for Kia Country of Charleston. Simply put, for the dealership, community is key. In order to give back, they focus on three main giving pillars: the prevention of animal cruelty, supporting our veterans, and putting an end to local hunger. As a result of the dealership’s love for community, consumers, and co-workers, Kia Country of Charleston is viewed as more than just a place to buy and sell quality new and used vehicles.

Learn more about Kia Country of Charleston, their dedication to helping others, and their strive to provide the best options around.

Congratulations to the whole team!


Kia Country of Charleston uses MAX Inventory, MAX Ad & Syndication and MAX Digital Showroom.