Congratulations to Napleton Chevy Buick, MAX Digital's October Dealership of the Month

October 28, 2022


We are delighted to announce that Napleton Chevy Buick is MAX Digital's October Dealership of the Month.

Napleton Chevy Buick provides a vast selection of top-quality new Chevy and Buicks and used vehicles of all makes and models to the Columbus, Wisconsin area and beyond. Since 1931, every dealership in the Napleton Auto Group has been guided by a single principle–putting the customer first. Today, more than 60 Napleton dealerships comprised of the three different Napleton Auto Groups scattered throughout multiple states provide thousands of customers with unmatched service and an unbeatable price.

"For us, it is always important that we have proper market baskets set up for our used car inventory in order to price ourselves competitively and maximize our inventory turn. MAX Digital provides us the ability to accomplish this swiftly and efficiently. We can also schedule merchandising reports for each dealership, allowing us to identify vehicles that aren't getting as much attention and therefore selling as fast as we would like. MAX Digital is extremely helpful in maximizing our inventory turn."

— Danny Randolph, President at Napleton Chevy Buick

But, Napleton Chevy Buick is more than just a successful automotive dealership. A big part of their annual roadmap includes giving back to the community. As part of the Napleton Group, they desire to help those in need and support families in the community by raising money for the Misericordia Home, a not-for-profit developmental home for persons with mild to profound developmental disabilities. This is near and dear to their hearts, so the group hosts an annual golf tournament fundraiser.

Learn more about Napleton Chevy Buick, their love for helping others, and their commitment to customer service.

Congratulations to the full team!


Napleton Chevy Buick uses MAX Inventory, MAX Ad & Syndication, and MAX Digital Showroom.