Congratulations to Servco Lexus Maui and Servco Subaru Maui, MAX’s October Dealerships of the Month

October 23, 2023


We are delighted to announce that Servco Lexus Maui and Servco Subaru Maui are MAX’s October Dealerships of the Month.

Servco Lexus Maui and Servco Subaru Maui are part of the Servco Pacific Inc. family that operates globally, with automotive dealerships throughout Hawaiʻi and Australia. To best serve the automotive needs of the island of Maui, these two dealerships offer an extensive selection of top-quality new Lexus and Subaru vehicles and pre-owned inventory of all makes and models.

In operation for over 100 years, Servco understands the unique needs of the people it represents and caters its offerings to help those throughout the islands thrive. Unfortunately, the recent wildfires have brought tragedy to Maui’s tightly-knit communities.  

“The catastrophe facing Maui has been devastating, but it has also put a spotlight on the people of Maui and illuminated just how strong we are as a state,” said Eric Chang, General Manager of Servco Lexus Maui and Servco Subaru Maui. “When you live in a small area, community is more than just a word. Our leadership has always had a people-first mentality. We firmly believe in giving what we have to help those in need.” 

The reach of this disaster has impacted more than just Servco team members, family, and friends. To assist those affected, Servco jumped into action as soon as news of the devastating fires broke. Utilizing its philanthropic arm, the Servco Foundation, the company pulled together resources to assist anyone who was impacted by the fires. From big to small, the company was able to donate goods, services, and money to help community members and even other local dealerships.

“Things got difficult immediately after the fires began. We knew we had a duty to assist our fellow neighbors and community members. One of the first things we did was partner with local nonprofits, including Maui Humane Society, and provide donations to the American Red Cross to offer help and supplies to those closest to the disaster,” Chang added. “This situation was personal, so we donated vehicles for transportation, people for assistance, and funds for rebuilding.”

But Servco doesn’t believe a community is only strong when it's down. The island will need a lot of work between now and the future. Not only have resources been depleted, but the much-needed tourism aspect of their community has been negatively affected. Chang encourages people to help by supporting and donating to organizations dedicated to recovery and rebuilding for today and tomorrow. 

“One thing I want to emphasize is that Maui is open to visitors,” he said. “While we ask you to be respectful of West Maui, the rest of the island welcomes and encourages you to visit. We could use support for our local businesses now more than ever.”

Beyond the fires, Hawaiʻi isn’t immune to the struggles of the auto industry as a whole. From the pandemic to supply chain shortages, Chang has seen several disruptions to business operations. For Servco, the goal is always to be present and able to connect the population with their dream vehicle. With inventory fluctuations, pricing worries, and ongoing concerns about production, being a people-first dealership and auto group is more important than ever before. 

“Problems are only a problem if you don’t have a solution,” Chang quipped. “That’s why we are confident in our partnership with MAX. We need to be agile in our processes and adaptable to both industry changes and unexpected situations. We can focus on the people of Hawaiʻi because the MAX team focuses on us.”

ACV and MAX support the needs of the Maui community in the face of this disaster. If you would like to help, Servco encourages you to learn more from organizations providing resources to those directly impacted, including American Red Cross, Hawaii Community Foundationʻs Maui Strong Fund, and Maui United Way.

Servco Lexus Maui and Servco Subaru Maui will continue to support their community through difficult times and be active participants in revitalizing the island.