Congratulations to Silko Auto Group, MAX Digital’s May Dealership of the Month

May 31, 2023


We are delighted to announce that Silko Auto Group is MAX Digital’s May Dealership of the Month.

Silko Auto Group provides a vast selection of top-quality new Honda and Volkswagen vehicles as well as used cars of all makes and models to the greater Boston area of Massachusetts. Maintaining a commitment to delivering options that help customers experience the ultimate buying journey, Silko Auto Group’s goal is to provide more than just quality automobiles from a smiling staff.

For them, employee retention is as important as the consumer. Silko Auto Group conducts regular satisfaction surveys to review their team’s happiness inside and outside of the dealership. Their goal is to make Silko a place where customers want to shop and team members want to work. On top of their mission to build a fulfilling work environment, Silko Auto Group has also created an atmosphere to reward consumers, even going as far as offering buy one, get one free oil changes for life on any car in the customer’s driveway.

"We are family owned and operated, so providing a memorable customer experience has always been important for us. In order to have the greatest environment for our customers and employees, we want to work with quality partners. MAX has proven itself as a flexible, dynamic, and dependable solution provider."

Geoff Ewell, Director of Operations at Silko Auto Group

For Ewell, MAX provides an ecosystem that grows and evolves with his unique needs. As Silko Auto Group ebbs and flows with the expanding used car market, solution providers need to offer tools that solve problems, not create them. “MAX always has our group’s best intentions at heart. If we ever have an issue, we know who to call.”

Silko Auto Group will continue to push the boundaries of service by offering opportunities for customers to shop the best inventory available while also accessing some of the finest benefits a dealership can offer. Retention is the name of the game, and Silko Auto Group is proud to offer a place for customers and employees to call home.

Learn more about Silko Auto Group, their passion for automotive, and their drive to help customers find the perfect vehicle.

Congratulations to the whole team!


Silko Honda uses MAX Inventory, MAX Ad and MAX Digital Showroom.