Congratulations to Volvo Cars Plymouth, MAX Digital’s May Dealership of the Month

May 25, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Volvo Cars Plymouth is MAX Digital’s May dealership of the month.

Volvo Cars Plymouth provides a vast selection of top-quality new Volvos and used vehicles of all makes and models to the South Shore of Massachusetts and beyond. As a member of the Premier Automotive Group, Volvo Cars Plymouth makes it a priority to provide next-level experiences for consumers to find their dream vehicle. But the store, like the rest of the group, isn’t quite like the competition.

You see, Volvo Cars Plymouth and the Premier Automotive Group put people before prices. They have a market-based, no-negotiation model for all their new and used cars. They price their cars…not their customers. This method, which has been in play for over 20 years, allows consumers to focus on finding the perfect vehicle for them while knowing they are getting an honest and fair price on every one of the hundreds of vehicles in inventory.

This bespoke approach to customer service is less about haggling and more about delivering an experience that will resonate with customers for years to come. With prices adjusted daily to align with market conditions, consumers get an unparalleled shopping journey. Volvo Cars Plymouth is so dedicated to customer service that the dealership doesn’t pay its salespeople on commission, instead they value the relationships built during the sales process. Their goal is really to provide a unique experience that matches shoppers with their dream vehicle based on availability, not an unspoken situation that puts the consumer between a rock and a hard place.

"We have a long-term approach to our business and know that when we focus on transparent, personalized experiences, and relationships rather than transactions, everyone wins! The Volvo Cars Plymouth store has become a hub for the group’s used inventory. It’s the only store in MA off-Cape and provides an opportunity to showcase all our brands as well as a wide array of other used vehicles. But, this presents a unique challenge for our team. With so many brands and models, it is critical to be knowledgeable about all the various options and benefits of each. That’s where MAX Digital comes in and sets us apart."

For Volvo Cars Plymouth, knowing a product is key to their success. MAX Digital Showroom helps solidify the dealership’s ability to provide elevated customer service based upon foundational values built from within the organization. The dealership’s model is focused on transparency. As a result, when a consumer shops online, they don’t just get a price. They also are provided with validation as to why the vehicle is priced the way it is. Volvo Cars Plymouth uses MAX Digital Showroom with every customer to illustrate accurate information with quality images that help foster understanding and build trust.

Learn more about Volvo Cars Plymouth, their passion for customer experience, and providing heightened opportunities for consumers to find the right vehicle.

Congratulations to the full team!


Volvo Cars Plymouth uses MAX Inventory, MAX Ad and MAX Digital Showroom