Creating a Roadmap for your Dealerships Success in the Fourth Quarter

October 25, 2022

It's the fourth quarter. We don't need to run a two-minute drill just yet. But time is ticking and chances are you don't have many time-outs left. Instead of throwing a Hail Mary and hoping for the best, let's instead focus on a strategy to move the ball down the field in a way that focuses on your dealership's greatest assets. This will help you create a roadmap that will lead to your continued success.Start with how you merchandise your inventory. Consumers are currently shopping in a hybrid method. This means that you need to have your vehicles front and center at all times. Focus on creating ads that resonate with the right audience. Don't leave out important information or details about included packages. Then, make sure you are syndicating the ads out to all the places your customers are actually shopping. Be purposeful in how you communicate your inventory while also keeping the overall customer experience in mind.Next, focus on how you manage your inventory. Day-to-day operations can't be an afterthought. Instead, utilize solutions built to help you acquire, manage, and sell more efficiently based on real market data. There are so many options out there that you should be confident in your system's ability to drive your dealership to the next level. Be proactive. Equip your team with end-to-end visibility of your entire pre-owned operations process. This will pay off in the long run.The final piece of the puzzle is a digital showroom. Designed to enable your sales team, a proper tool can also elevate the customer experience at your dealership. From turning your staff into instant product experts to providing interactive touchpoints for consumers, a digital showroom is a surefire way to help level up your dealership. All the information you need to sell a vehicle is instantly at your fingertips. You will empower your sales team and exceed your customer's expectations.The process of getting your dealership ready for game day is ongoing. Never stop learning and advancing the ways that you meet the needs of your customers. Having a roadmap for the end of the year will help you achieve your goals in 2022 while setting you up for success next year. Don't sweat the past when you have an opportunity to rightsize operations and get yourself on the path to the next level. MAX Digital has the solutions you need for merchandising and inventory management. Every detail that you need to provide quality inventory and ads to your shoppers is covered by MAX Digital's robust set of tools. No longer do you have to run downfield alone. A partnership together means you have the data, team, and direction needed to make important decisions that will help you build your roadmap for the future. Schedule a demo today and learn more about the MAX Digital difference.