Creating an Action Plan in Your Dealership

June 9, 2020

Creating an Action Plan in Your Dealership

For Improvements to Sales Operations and Processes

Manager Team Building Exercises to Create Action Plans for Growth

Many managers right now are more involved in the details of the sales process than pre-COVID-19. With smaller staffs, WFH orders or doors closed, there are many new environments to navigate. You may be asking yourself questions like, “why do we do it this way?”, or, “why are there so many steps to doing this?” You may even be contemplating a smaller workforce, condensed roles, new roles, adding technology, improving efficiency, reducing employee costs….the list goes on. It’s time for change!

We use the following when we facilitate, manager workshops and hope this helps you plan for continued success. What should you expect the outcomes to be? Be sure to list these during your discussion. Once you know what to expect, you can create timeframes to completion. We have found that doing this activity together as a team not only focuses time and effort on improvement but helps everyone lean on each other to grow as a unit.

Now keep the flip chart paper up, of your work during this exercise, in your conference room so you can share this action plan with your sales team. Then, take a picture on your phone and save to your “favorites” so you can reflect on the plan regularly.

Be sure your accountability measures are in place.

First: Identify Problem

What is holding you back from attaining what you want?

Here’s an example: The problem is we need to deliver a seamless guest experience.

Second: Pinpoint Causes

What is causing the problem?

  • Lack of process
  • Lack of consistency
  • Lack of accountability
  • Short cuts
  • Lack of communication
  • BDC notes are not used to greet guests with appointments

Third: List Corrections

What needs to take place to correct
the problem?

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Detailed CRM notes
  • Train and use CRM
  • Police the process
  • Manager intro every time
  • Manager believes “this is a deal”

Fourth: Set Goals

What do you intend on achieving?

  • Improve closing ratio’s
  • Improve CSI and + online reviews
  • Value exceeds price
  • Increase PVR
  • Ensure ROI

Fifth: Set Timeframes to Completion

When will each correction begin to take place?

Get BDC, Salespeople and all Managers together to identify each step of the customer journey to define roles and responsibilities.

Tomorrow, 9am:
Managers confirm appointments for next day using BDC notes from CRM to personalize.

Tomorrow, All-day:
Managers greet every appointment using BDC notes from CRM.

Now is the ideal time to refine your processes. Don't miss this golden opportunity.