What is a Dealership Appraisal Tool and How Can It Help You?

April 16, 2018

In the modern auto sales environment, proper pricing can be the key to profitability for your dealership. Making sure your cars are appraised correctly at every stage of the sales process can give you a significant competitive edge. For quick and accurate pricing, more dealerships are turning to advanced dealership appraisal tools.

What Are Dealership Appraisal Tools?

As the name implies, a dealership appraisal tool is software that appraises vehicles for acquisition, sale, or trade-in.

The appraisal tool included with the MAXDigital Inventory Management software pulls the market data for a vehicle and provides your team with a competitive price almost instantly. Although this function sounds simple, it can pay off big for your dealership.

How Dealership Appraisal Tools Can Help Your Dealership

Pay the Right Price for Your Cars

You’ll have a difficult time making a significant profit selling your cars if you overpay for them yourself. The detailed market data used by appraisal tools helps you make sure that you’re getting the best wholesale price on your vehicles.

Don’t Pay More Than You Need to for a Trade In

A good appraisal tool gives you significant authority during trade-in negotiations. You aren’t just giving them their price, but demonstrating the value of their vehicle.

Free Up Your Sales Team

Without a quality dealership appraisal tool, your sales team has to spend hours doing market research to reach a fair price on your vehicles. The appraisal tool speeds this process up considerably, giving your sales team more time to sell cars.

MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software Goes Far Beyond Appraisal

Our Inventory Management Software is a lot more than an appraisal tool. It also compares your store’s sales history with aggregate trends to determine which vehicles will sell in your dealership. It also helps you price your inventory to maximize profit.

To see how MAX can help your dealership firsthand, schedule a consultation of our software tools. You can also call us at (888) 841-0884 with your questions.