The Anatomy of a MAX BDC Page

March 25, 2020

A BDC team is only as good as the software they are working with. And too many BDC platforms are just not designed for success. 

An accessible, functional BDC page is vital to the health of the operation. Users must have access to critical information and have the ability to easily book appointments and work in concert with the sales people on your floor.

Take a glimpse at the key features and functionality of the MAX BDC page and then sign up for a free online demonstration to fully experience how your dealership can benefit when the right BDC is deployed. 

What Every Successful BDC Page Needs

A simple layout that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

BDC pages are often guilty of being too cluttered and complicated. MAX BDC features a vertical search filter on the left side and results are displayed in a list format complete with:

  • Photo
  • Price
  • Market comparison
  • Key features
  • Exterior and interior colors
  • Mileage
  • Upgrades

A fast and intuitive search function that quickly finds what the customer wants.

Search is crucial to any BDC page. MAX users can type in conversational text aligned with a customer's interest and get a quick list of Google-style results that stretch across your entire inventory.

Readily displayed information to answer a customer's every question in detail.

At the very heart of a BDC page is the vehicle information itself. And when a customer inquires about high-value options, accessories, packages, completed services, or even trade-in estimates, the MAX BDC page readily displays the information and enables your BDC staffer to quickly and easily answer every question in detail.

A personalized space that can be shared among team members.

Every customer should be given a personalized treatment, and many BDC pages lack the ability to customize information. With MAX BDC, customer preferences, details and images are packaged and shared in an online space that is personalized specifically for that customer alone. The link to this Customer Favorites area can then be shared via email, text, or QR code scan so that any team member can pick up right where the conversation left off.

Integration with all major CRM systems.

The anatomy of an effective BDC page goes far beyond the surface. Underneath, MAX BDC integrates with all major CRM systems to easily book appointments and manage leads across a range of platforms. Failure to integrate BDC information with a CRM is one of the biggest missed opportunities for dealerships

A standalone application built for ease of use.

When it comes to a BDC page, it's not just what it does but how it can be used. The MAX BDC page is a standalone application designed for speed and ease of use. As its own app, it can be quickly accessed on a mobile phone or tablet so the information goes wherever you do.

Schedule Your Free Demonstration

Now that you have a better sense of what a MAX BDC page looks like, it's time to get the full experience by engaging in an online demonstration where you can see a walkthrough of all the features and functions designed to generate leads for your sales team.

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