Prepare for 2019 With These Dealership Sales Solutions

February 5, 2019

Each new year presents a new set of challenges for car dealerships. Sometimes, it feels like the industry itself is changing faster than the inventory on your lot. That’s why MAXDigital’s software is designed to bring your dealership into the future. Learn how our MAX Path to Purchase Sales System delivers the dealerships sales solutions needed for 2019.

Dealership Sales Solutions to Live by in 2019

Sell the way they want to shop

More and more, we’re seeing consumers shift toward a new way of shopping for cars. The internet era has provided customers with a greater sense of transparency and convenience, but it’s presented dealerships with the challenge of adapting to that changing style.

The MAX Path to Purchase tool provides a salesperson with an easy and repeatable process for tracking each new deal through the pipeline and aligns with the way people want to shop for cars in 2019 and beyond.

Protect against salesperson turnover

Employee turnover is among the biggest hurdles for a sales team and has been measured as high as 67% in recent studies. But the MAX Path to Purchase solution aims to reduce that number through a salesperson program that sets your team up for success by alleviating both parties from the challenges of sales training.  

Win back trust

In a study of America’s least trusted professions, a car salesperson ranked at the bottom of the list, ahead of only members of Congress. And those results will surprise exactly nobody who works in the business.

But the MAX Path to Purchase tool can win back that trust by equipping your sales team with a streamlined process that eliminates the need to drop prices and ensures the customers are getting the very best value right from the start.

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