Does your Digital Showroom Deliver an Advanced User and Customer Experience?

February 18, 2021

The concept of a digital showroom shouldn’t be news to you. If it is, stop reading this blog and schedule a demo right now. Otherwise, it’s time to have an adult conversation about what a digital showroom should be and how it should actually operate. Far too many solutions are disparate and exist in a silo. Basically, they don’t play well with other systems. This essentially puts you in a difficult position. If the tools you rely on aren’t up to par, then your sales will suffer.

While that is the last place you want to be, things can only get worse. Improper tools handling your digital properties will result in lower grosses and higher turnover rates. You will see far less traffic to your lot and a drastic decline in activity on your website. Fortunately, you can’t have doom and gloom without there being a silver lining. And there is. It’s a properly thought out, highly structured, and intricately designed mechanism that delivers sales enablement like none other.

The varying degrees and different flavors of digital showrooms available isn’t surprising. Customers, like dealerships, are all different. In order to bridge the gap between these differences, your digital showroom solution needs to be agile, flexible, and stackable. It can’t just sit in the corner while you hope it helps you sell more cars. It needs to work for you and with your other solutions. Sales enablement is about empowering the individual aspects of your dealership to work in harmony. Doing so needs to be accomplished strategically and quickly.

The car buying process is changing rapidly. So, a digital showroom is your opportunity to properly meet customers where they are at. They want results and they want them fast. You also need to deliver content that engages and resonates at a high volume. Compared to your competitors, how much engagement are you getting? How would you like to see 3x more than that? That’s the level of action that you need to elevate your dealership.

To get there, your digital showroom needs to have a fast, intuitive search function. Are you currently able to type conversational-text based on exactly what the customer is interested in? Imagine receiving results across your full vehicle inventory at lightning-fast speeds. On top of that, a proper digital showroom will allow you to validate your sales price through the most trusted third-party comparisons, including Kelley Blue Book, NADA, and Edmunds.

A proper digital showroom helps you work harder and smarter. It puts the power of possibilities directly into your hands. Your team becomes instant experts and superstars as they have all the information they need to create an outstanding customer experience at their fingertips. Selling cars is about more than just moving products. Especially now, as things have changed and may never return to normal, your solutions need to work harder than ever before.

Empower your sales staff while delivering an unparalleled customer experience. That’s how you get ahead in automotive retail. Sell more cars, hold more gross, and reduce employee turnover. Easier said than done, right? The first step in the process is to schedule a demo of our newly updated MAX Digital Showroom. You will get first-hand exposure to how this industry-leading solution is transforming dealerships around the country. Schedule your demo today!