Empowering Dealers with Technology that Improves the Customer Experience

January 17, 2022

Modern dealerships may look the same, but they operate a lot differently than yesterday’s shops. Digital touchpoints have evolved the sales process. As a result, the way dealers interact and sell to today’s consumers must also take a step into the future. Gone are the days of slick used car salespeople wearing their sleek checkered jackets. Strip away the stereotypes and assumptions of how a car dealership operates, and all that remains is only one thing: the customer.

You see, while shopping habits have changed, expectations haven’t. Consumers have a singular desire. And that is to have an experience that transcends expectations. To be competitive, modern dealerships need to adopt a technology-first mindset. To achieve that, they need a partnership that empowers them with solutions that are proactive and purposeful. There are a lot of vendors out there who simply offer tools to accomplish tasks. However, today’s car dealers need to be sophisticated in their approach to sales. There needs to be a firm grasp on automotive retail, digital retail, and sales enablement.

With a proper understanding of these pillars, a dealership is best positioned to deliver on the customer’s true needs for a heightened experience. This is a robust process that goes beyond simplicity. While convenience is a key component of a well thought out customer experience, the entire ecosystem of shopping must be considered for every consumer. Each person that steps onto the showroom floor is different. Some will have started shopping via a website. Others through social media properties. Some saw a commercial on TV. And others read an ad in the paper. They landed on a dealership, have some vehicles in mind, and are ready to shop.

It’s up to dealers to have the solutions in place that streamline the customer’s journey and deliver a heightened shopping experience. From how inventory is sourced to how ads are written, technology plays a vital role in every step of the consumer journey. Focus on bringing in solutions that are both scalable and stackable. This creates an ecosystem that helps inventory be easily discoverable. Beyond that, certain solutions will improve training, automate vehicle write-ups, and streamline the trade-in process.

Be a trailblazer when it comes to technology. Forward thinkers will always be ahead of the game. With all of the disruptions currently occurring, now is the time to revolutionize the way things are done. Yesterday is in the rearview mirror, and with it, the outdated ways automotive retail used to be done. There are next-generation solutions that can elevate operations in a positive direction. From virtual auctions to data-led inventory management, the options for adopting technology are more robust than ever before.

For some dealers, this might cause pause, as the tried and true methods have always been good enough. Take a step into the next generation of automotive retail with digital solutions designed to improve the customer experience. With a proper stack of technology, a dealership can expect to source more vehicles, sell them quicker, and hold more gross than ever before. The key is forging a partnership with someone who truly understands the needs of consumers, while also knowing the struggles of running a dealership. MAX Digital has the experience needed to help bring the future to any dealership. Want to learn more? Schedule a free consultation today!