How Quality Questions Can Improve the Customer Experience at your Dealership

April 18, 2022

When it comes to delivering the best possible customer experience at your dealership, you may have a few questions. The best starting place is by asking if you are correctly inquiring about your customer’s needs. You see, modern consumers are searching for a multitude of different answers. They rely on you to educate them, guide them, and deliver a superior service. If you can’t provide these three pillars, you are doing your dealership a disservice. When you approach a potential customer (or they approach you), your team needs to be ready to address their needs as best as possible. Ready your squad with as much information that is available so that they can work with customers in the best way possible.

First, have your answers handy on all of your digital properties. This will immediately reduce friction. Timeliness is a major deciding factor for shoppers. So, provide them with the solution they are looking for as soon as they engage with your brand. Your social media outlets and website are pivotal in swaying consumers to contact you for more information or physically step onto your lot. Consider creating educational resources for your dealership. This allows your brand to stand out against the competition by streamlining the shopping process and shortening the path to purchase. It’s all about creating opportunities, not squashing them.

Next, move beyond the basic conversation to discover what the customer truly desires. Most likely, they will have at least a general idea of what they want. It’s up to your team to be instant product experts that possess a deep well of information. Not only do your salespeople have to know a vehicle inside and out to correctly address any questions the customer may have, but your team also needs to be knowledgeable enough to ask follow-up questions that really dig deep to discover the shopper’s true wants and needs. Mastering a product may seem difficult. However, when your salespeople do become brand champions, they will know what questions to ask that illuminate more details about the shopper’s intent. That’s how you improve customer experience.

Finally, create an environment of curiosity. While it is important to respect the customer’s boundaries, it’s also smart to promote a culture of learning. Your team should be advancing conversations across the board to generate opportunities to connect with consumers. It is in these instances that interactions between your staff and customers are of next level importance. Narrow the talking points to create fresh opportunities that act to solve problems instead of creating friction. Focus on building deeper relationships that form bridges. That is the key to developing talking points based on questions that dive further to discover a consumer’s true want.

To be successful in this modern market, dealers need to be proactive in discussions. Take a moment to uncover conversational moments that truly impact a customer’s needs. Ask the difficult questions that illuminate pain points for the shopping journey. Customers need to have a next-level experience. To accomplish this, emphasize your digital properties. Create moments that resonate with what consumers want. Then, move the conversation from want to desire. Empower your staff to be product experts and allow them to answer any questions the shopper might have. In the end, it’s up to you as a leader to promote a culture that inspires teammates to achieve greatness on a new level.

While disruptions are creating havoc across the industry, now is the time for your dealership to put plans into place to overcome the volatile market. Emphasize the consumer and their experience. As a general rule of thumb, make an effort to engage with them at a higher level. Never excuse the importance of questions to dig deeper into the customer’s true desires. Planning for their success will put you on a path toward your own.

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