How to Improve the Internet Closing Ratio at Your Dealership

February 15, 2022

How to Improve the Internet Closing Ratio at Your Dealership

The automotive retail industry is in quite the position. Dealers continue to struggle to keep their lots filled with inventory and consumers are faced with soaring prices. It might seem like a time to rejoice for sellers, but there are still many day-to-day challenges that are impacting dealerships. As retailing continues to skew more digital, dealers must meet customers where they are. Technology isn’t just a passing fad. In fact, internet searching is the first step for many consumers in their car-buying journey. As a result, it is important that you provide the digital touchpoints that shoppers desire. But that’s only half the story. Just because you have the touchpoints doesn’t mean you’ve won the battle. You need to work hard to improve your internet closing ratio.

You see, internet leads are an important component of your sales funnel. The more exposure you have digitally, the better your chances of converting interest into appointments…and appointments into sales. Your process needs to be as robust as possible. Think of it like this: consumers are dynamic in their need to purchase vehicles. There will be several factors that motivate their decisions. As a result, your sales process needs to support their method of shopping. You can’t improve your internet closing ratio if you aren’t actively working at it. Streamline the path between digital retailing and physical shopping. Think of the customer experience holistically, and create a sales journey that jives with their internet searching habits.

Improving the internet closing ratio at your dealership is more than just a mindset. It needs to be ingrained in your technology as well. From how you write ads to how you merchandise inventory, the solutions you use play a factor in closing more internet deals. Especially for merchandising, your inventory management system is key in your ability to get the right pictures, packages, and pricing to your customers. Consumers who are shopping online will be discovering your dealership in many different ways. Remember, because the customer experience is important, your technology needs to be powerful enough to merchandise your inventory online in the clearest way possible. Invest in an inventory management system that is powered by clean data and next-generation technology, and you will see your internet closing ratio improve.

Finally, establish trust to build value. Transparency is critical here. If you are looking to increase lead generation from your digital properties and convert them to appointments and sales, then you need to provide as much information in a clear and concise manner. A digital showroom allows your dealership to engage with consumers on a higher level. Not only that, but deploying a digital showroom has the potential to create three times more engagement than the typical dealer VDP. Information can be delivered on the go and will connect powerful data directly to the customer. They will get a complete picture of any vehicle they search, and will do so in a more engaging fashion. At the end of the day, you capture the leads in your CRM, then get to connect with interested buyers with easy-to-send and share details.

You most likely have a number in your mind for the internet leads you want to close each month. Don’t focus simply on improving that number. Instead, put in the work to create a better customer experience. Elevate your technology and invest in a new platform for inventory management. Then, build in as much trust and transparency into the process as possible. The path to digital retailing is already paved. It’s up to you to make the right decisions that enhance your dealership. Especially in today’s strange market, you need to do everything in your power to connect what inventory you have with consumers as they shop online. Putting the right tools to use for your dealership begins with MAX Digital. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about how MAX Digital can help you close more internet deals.