How to Leverage Advanced Solutions to Transform the Customer Experience

January 10, 2023

Reputation is king in the automotive retail world. One of your many goals is likely to create a customer experience that generates repeat business. And no matter what that business means specifically to you, it is crucial that you provide touchpoints for consumers to interact with your brand in new and inventive ways. To accomplish this, start by transforming how you view consumers and begin by treating them as valuable equals through leveraging advanced technologies. You see, customer interactions are more than just transactional opportunities. They are a chance to discuss the finer points of what motivates the buying process and help you gain an understanding of how to best assist in making a decision. The service you provide needs to be grounded in reality while also delivering on what the customer needs. Accomplishing this requires you to be an attentive participant while having advanced knowledge of the industry, your inventory, and your consumer journey.Starting with the appraisal process, dive into what motivates the consumer to want to sell while also exploring the reasons why they purchased their vehicle in the first place. You’ll be able to gain a lot of knowledge by simply being open with the consumer. When you appraise their vehicle, walk them through the finer points of how you are valuing their trade-in. There will likely be a lot of sentimental moments built into the vehicle. But it is on you to educate them on why they are getting the amount you are offering and build a bridge that will motivate them to trade.From there, the customer experience will transition into pricing and purchasing. Be confident in the amount you are placing on your inventory. You don’t want to be overvalued, but you also don’t want to race to the bottom. This doesn’t have to be a tricky position. Move forward with transparency in how you are pricing to build trust with the consumer. Write your ads with visibility into all the details and packages the vehicle has to offer. Answer a customer’s question before they can even ask it. This will truly elevate the experience by utilizing those advanced tools to provide a better journey.Finally, empower your staff to be product experts on your used inventory. The more your team knows about each individual vehicle, the better the chances of providing a streamlined customer experience. This extends beyond simple answers to questions. With an advanced solution for a digital showroom, you allow your people to anticipate the needs of a consumer. This will streamline the experience and reduce friction points all around.At the end of the day, your job isn’t just to move metal. It’s also to make the consumer feel heard and comfortable while eliminating all frustrations. You are selling experiences that need to be memorable with as few obstacles in the way as possible. Focus on every touchpoint that the consumer will engage with you in. Make the appraisal process easy and transparent. Price your inventory strategically based on data in a manner that encourages customers based on trust. Finally, create an ecosystem of learning in your dealership that turns your staff into product experts.In our modern world, the customer experience is more than just a smile and a firm handshake. Focus on the elements and solutions available to help you improve the level of service you provide. With tools for appraising, data for pricing, and software for training and knowledge development, your dealership can break away from the pack and experience peak performance. There are many vendors available to help you achieve your goals, but none like MAX Digital. With our unmatched solutions for merchandising and inventory management, you gain the upper hand in being able to anticipate customer needs while delivering a heightened experience. Schedule your demo today to learn more.