How to Master Your Market with the Basics for the Used Auto Industry in 2023: Step 4

August 9, 2023

Step 4 → Own It!

We’ve made it to the final step. For those of you who have joined me on this journey to understand how to master the used car market despite fluctuations, I thank you. If you are new to the series, check back to the first three parts before reading the final segment.

  1. Identify
  2. Build
  3. Execute & Adjust
  4. Own it!

Now then, without further fanfare, let’s dive into the last step: Own It. This one is the culmination of everything we have learned up until now. And honestly, it is the most fun out of them all. Step 4 brings together the identification process, the building fundamentals, and the execution and adjustment stage into one dynamic message…it’s your dealership, your business, own it!

Make it yours and you’ll walk into work every day with the same enthusiasm you had when you started your career. It’s a truly rewarding step that will help you stay focused to drive your dealership to new heights.

The first part of successfully owning your dealership is to master your branding. Internal and external, the way you participate in conversations, present information, and position messaging makes a difference. Keep it simple, but don’t skimp on the details. It boils down to this:

Be bold.
Be authentic.
Be you!

Consumers will continue to respond positively to the personalization offered by your brand. Humanize the journey by tagging a name or image along with your shop. And get creative with your positioning. Whether it is an offer or promotion, make sure shoppers are aware of your intentions to give them the best experience possible. They will appreciate being treated like a person and not a number. Customer service will never go out of style, and it begins with your personal branding.

When you fully embrace Step 4, you will become a dealership that you would want your friends and family to shop at. Think about your own adventures in buying vehicles. Were some stores better than others? I’m sure certain experiences stand out differently when compared to one another. Never discount how a potential customer will interact with your brand. Treat them like friends and family, and give them the respect they deserve.

This isn’t just some tactic to employ either. You can make bold claims about the experience you offer. But do it with authenticity. Don’t be afraid to actually become someone’s friend. I’m not saying to offer consumers the same deal you would give your parents. But why not?

Build transparency into your communications and speak with genuine purpose. Get back to the building blocks of selling…and that’s relationship building.

Finally, put the stamp of approval on your dealership by bringing consumers into the fold. Happy customers are important for reputation management and evangelizing. You’ve offered them a memorable experience, sold them a quality car, and provided them with service options to maintain their vehicle’s excellence.

These are human experiences that you have created and provided to shoppers. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Encourage customers to leave you reviews. Then, let the voice of the consumer be the one to market for your dealership.

This will help create a relaxed selling environment where your team is able to consult on purchases. Remove friction and build bridges by making the process your own.

Be confident in your ability to stand out from the crowd. The way to mastering the market this year starts with getting back to the basics. You have a process. You’ve identified, built, and executed. Make your mark and own your operations today!