How to Pick an Inventory Management System for Your Dealership

December 19, 2023

Choosing the right inventory management system for your dealership can streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales — and that’s just the start. With so many software options to choose from, it's crucial to understand which features align best with your specific wants and needs. 

What Is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management software for car dealerships is designed to monitor, organize, and control vehicle stock. It streamlines the acquisition, sale, and vehicle tracking, ensuring dealers efficiently match supply with demand. 

The software often integrates with other systems, offering functionalities like sales analytics, customer databases, and financial management1. By automating these processes, dealers can reduce overhead, minimize errors, enhance customer experiences, and maximize profitability.

Inventory Management System Features

When selecting an inventory management system for car dealerships, there are several features to keep in mind. These include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Performance Dashboards and Alerts: Provides insights on various measures, from staff performance metrics like closing rates to inventory aging reports and benchmark comparisons.
  • Easy Photo Upload: Simplifies the vehicle intake process, allowing you to quickly select and upload photos directly from your mobile device, ensuring cars are showroom-ready.
  • Virtual Lot Walk: Introduces digital workflows and alerts, promoting daily discipline and helping you make informed inventory decisions for each vehicle on your lot.
  • Retail Market Intelligence: Whether overseeing multiple stores or just one, gain access to in-depth insights from key performance metrics. These insights alert dealers to potential opportunities for enhancing gross, turnover, and overall dealership performance.
  • In-group Auctions: Enables dealer groups to establish a private auction space, facilitating the transfer and tracking of inventory across different locations. This optimizes returns for the entire group.
  • Support Retail Sales: With mobile capabilities, sales teams can tap into the rich data repository of MAX Inventory, accessing real-time and pertinent vehicle valuations right from their devices.
  • OEM Window Stickers: Offers access to a vast library of original window stickers spanning sixteen OEM brands, all at no extra cost.
  • Exceptional Value: Presents the most cost-effective inventory management solution, delivering all essential features at a price that's more affordable than competitors.

Choosing an Inventory Management System

Rather than choose just any inventory management system, it’s critical to select the one that’s best suited for your dealership. 

First and foremost, every dealership today needs to be hyper-focused on aged inventory. In basic terms, aged inventory applies to cars that are in low demand and aren’t moving quickly off your lot. These vehicles tend to pose issues for automotive retail operations because they impact your bottom line

As capital gets tied up in unsold automobiles, expenses will add up and shrink profit margins. Having a next-generation solution for inventory management helps alleviate these headaches by offering insights and visibility into pricing, merchandising, and selling inventory at all levels. 

So, how does a proper inventory management solution handle these situations? One factor that directly impacts your ability to manage aged inventory and improve the time on your lot is a solution’s ease of use. You want a tool that is intuitive, forward-thinking, and can scale to meet your operational needs. 

Particularly for automotive retail in today’s world, an inventory management solution’s ability to be flexible allows complete visibility into what’s on your lot by providing clean data and next-level competitive information to drive decisions. 

Beyond that, your inventory management solution needs to bring you value and transparency. Too many solutions are bloated and will bog down your operations. This is especially true when considering the impact of aged inventory on your lot. You need a solution that delivers the ability to hold more gross on every transaction. 

How to Implement Inventory Management Solutions

A next-generation inventory management system should empower your dealership by giving you insights into your lot as opposed to restricting your ability to make powerful decisions to move your metal. You need a solution designed for your success. 

When selecting an inventory management solution, consider a system that seamlessly integrates with other vendors and tools. The ability to play ball with others is an invaluable trait needed for your dealership’s success. 

When united, your inventory management solution should amplify the power of your other tools to help your dealership break free from the pack. This collaboration makes you more powerful while providing opportunities for consumers to shop better and buy more confidently.

Given the challenges in today's used car market, making data-driven decisions about your inventory is more important than ever. If you're looking to enhance your inventory management system, MAX Digital is your ideal choice. Reach out for a free consultation and explore how MAX can set your dealership apart.


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