How to Stop the Drop With the MAXDigital Inventory Management Tool

October 15, 2018

Modern car shoppers are equipped with more knowledge than ever before, spending hours online learning almost everything they need to know about a car, from performance capabilities to forward-thinking features, before they even show up to your dealership. This also means that consumers have done their online research about vehicle prices.

If you feel the pressure to lower inventory prices in order to make a sale, Stop the Drop. With the MAXDigital inventory management tool, you’ll be able to better validate your inventory price points and prove the value of a car at its listed price.

Stop the Drop With MAXDigital

Stop the Drop is our campaign to help empower car dealerships to stop dropping the prices of the cars in their inventory. We can equip your sales team with the tools they need to show potential buyers why a vehicle is listed as it is.

Manage Your Inventory

The MAXDigital inventory management tool gives you and your sales team the information to make fair sales by validating price points for car shoppers. If a potential buyer insists on a lower price tag, your sales associate can pull up the market data right on a smartphone or tablet device. With vehicle information available at their fingertips, your sales team will be able to quickly answer questions and verify vehicle pricing to help make sales and maximize your profits.

The tool also helps ensure your inventory is stocked with the vehicles that will sell by providing a combination of historical sales data and market trends.

Equip Your Employees

When your sales team has all of the vehicle information they need, they will be more confident when interacting with potential buyers and can build trust with your client base. Our inventory management software helps your sales team track down fair prices for vehicles in your inventory, prices that are backed up by extensive research, sales data, and market trends. This information will build confidence for each person on your sales team. With bolder, more knowledgeable sales associates, you can satisfy your customers and protect your margins on every car sold.

Validate Price Points of Cars in Your Inventory Today

MAXDigital’s inventory management tool gives your dealership sales team the information they need to make justifiable sales and Stop the Drop. Contact the MAXDigital today to schedule a demo or to learn how your sales team can benefit from validating price points. Reach out to us to discover how MAXDigital can help your dealership today.