Improve Operations by Emotionally Connected with Consumers

August 15, 2022

The customer journey of buying a car can be long and arduous. Many elements can make the consumer feel disconnected along the way. Certain parts of the path to purchase are straightforward, but a great many are disjointed. This isn’t to say that the process is broken though. Rather, it highlights opportunities to better connect with customers to create a streamlined experience. In that, there is one connective tissue that can bring harmony between dealers and shoppers. Focusing on the emotional element of the buying journey helps position your dealership as an ally instead of a friction point. Understand and recognize the power of emotions for customers as they shop for cars.

To accomplish this, start by thinking about how you write your ads. Marketing an automobile needs to happen in a way that connects directly with a customer. They are going to be searching for certain features for their dream vehicle that needs to be included in your write-ups. When advertising your inventory, pay close attention to how you describe these packages. Go in-depth beyond simply saying that the vehicle has a tow package. Instead, illustrate what that package includes and show the customer what that means. This will connect with them on a more emotional level by tapping into their wants. Don’t skimp on the info. Transparency helps build trust. And trust goes a long way in the automotive industry.

When a consumer does hit your lot (or your webpage if they are digital or hybrid shoppers), it’s up to your team to bring the best customer experience available. Consider how your staff interacts with consumers. Are they trying to sell a car or are they trying to be a consultant? Put yourself in their shoes and establish a connection that builds a relationship. You want them to trust you. And while you want to make a sale, it’s more important that you create a repeat buyer who will evangelize your dealership and leave you a strong, positive review about their experience.

On the other side of the coin, it’s important that you emotionally connect with consumers during the trade-in process. When you appraise their vehicles, many will feel like you are appraising their own care of the car. You will need proof points to illustrate why you are valuing the vehicle the way that you are. Be open to having an honest conversation with the customer. Get away from the old-school methods of scrawling a number on a piece of paper. Approach the consumer with respect and transparency. Not only will they notice the improved experience, but you’ll likely get a return on your investment. A piece of inventory is added to your lot and the customer will tell all their friends and family about how easy it was to work with your dealership.

It’s time to look at dealership operations in a new light. With so many emerging solutions, technologies, and tools at your disposal, you need to create a bridge between your dealership and your customers. Reduce friction points today and connect emotion to every step of the process. After all, a vehicle is likely the second biggest purchase of a consumer’s life. Help customers feel comfortable on your lot and be an ally on their journey.

There are many directions to head as you empower your customers. MAX Digital is your forward-thinking friend when it comes to deploying technology solutions designed to help your operations. The data provided by MAX Digital gives you insights and transparency into customer behaviors and desires. You’ll understand what consumers want and be able to supply them with the best possible options. Schedule a free consultation today and discover all the ways MAX Digital is right for your dealership.