Improving the Customer Experience with Communication During Inventory Shortages

November 22, 2021

Inventory is scarce. That’s a fact. And with shortages expected well into the future, it is more important than ever before that you focus on the customer experience. Communication is critical for modern consumers. So, you have to make sure that your touchpoints, both physical and digital, are crisp and clean. All too often dealerships struggle with properly communicating with shoppers. Especially now with the inventory shortages, communicating with customers makes the difference between a satisfied shopper or a negative review.

One quick win in communicating with customers while working with less inventory is to focus on how you write your ads. The more descriptive you can be, the better the communication between you and your customers. You can quickly and accurately display details of each automobile while increasing the SEO potential of your listings. You can automate the write-ups as well, which provides your staff with more time to work the inventory you do have. Advertise your cars with confidence to attract traffic to your lot.

Another way to properly communicate with consumers is through your email marketing tactics. As it stands, over 90% of Americans over the age of 15 have an email account. This means that there is a broad acceptance of email marketing as a form of communication. Stick to best practices at all times. Be truthful and transparent with your messaging and include a strong call to action. Let the customer know what you are trying to say, then use direct language to capture their attention. Whether you are updating them about inventory, following up on a conversation you previously had, or reminding them of new specials, be succinct and to the point in a genuine way.

Next, be sure to leverage your social media properly. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram provide great opportunities to engage with your customers. If you have a next-generation inventory management system, you can leverage the data to create a feed that automatically populates inventory listings on Facebook. This creates an easy communications funnel where you are able to pass along important information about inventory to consumers. Social content is easily searchable and discoverable, so adding a proper strategy for marketing and communicating through these channels is a great way to convey pertinent messaging.

Last but not least, Google My Business presents an excellent way to communicate with customers about inventory. The search engine giant is capable of populating feeds to your Google My Business account. This makes your store easily searchable, and puts your inventory right up front for users to find. The zero-click battle is a tough one. But partnering with Google allows you to easily interact with customers as they search for vehicles. They can get direct information about your inventory and easily set appointments for a test drive. Leverage Google My Business to proactively communicate with your audience about your inventory.

Communication is key, especially with a scarcity of inventory. You need to make every effort possible to engage with your customers and let them know that you are still working for them. Just because inventory on your lot is down, that doesn’t mean that foot traffic is going to stop. Be dynamic in your approach to supply information to your customer base. From how you write your ads to how shoppers search for you, be transparent and concise about the various challenges you are facing. Getting the ball rolling doesn’t have to be difficult. MAX Digital is an established partner in the automotive retail industry and knows how to help you effectively communicate with customers, even while working with less inventory. Schedule your free consultation today and discover how MAX Digital can help out your dealership.