Is Your Dealership Cursed this Halloween Season?

October 28, 2021

Boo! It’s that time of the year. The leaves are falling, the weather’s changing, and kids everywhere are donning their scariest costumes in order to get some candy. Halloween might not seem like a pivotal time on your lot, but it actually provides a perfect opportunity for you to reassess everything you are doing. With summer long gone and winter on the horizon, take a moment to find out if your dealership is cursed with negative reviews, poor training, or a lack of inventory.

Start by examining all of your dealership’s touchpoints. From digital to physical, the areas where consumers interact with your lot are crucial. Pay special attention to how engagement is impacted and how customers respond. Use this data to transform how you speak to your customers and improve your messaging. Your reputation is important, so put a special emphasis on each point of contact. One of the first spots where a consumer will interact with you is through your ads. Include all of the necessary information on packages and trim details. This touchpoint is vital, so make sure you write ads in the most discoverable and relatable ways possible by leveraging the best data you can get.

Next, evaluate the way you are training your staff. For sales, it is critical that you provide information to the shopper during every interaction. Take a step back from negotiating price and adopt a consultative mindset. Empower your staff by equipping them with the ability to close the knowledge gap between customers. You want instant experts on your lot. So train them accordingly. Don’t let an opportunity slip through the cracks. Stay on top of educating your team by deploying a digital showroom solution. This will set you apart from your competition, as well as make your staff as knowledgeable as possible.

Finally, it’s important that you acquire as much inventory as possible. But we all know that is difficult to do right now. As a result, it is time to get creative. While there is a perfect storm causing shortages, you need to be vigilant in getting cars onto your lot. Put your customers to work. When they are shopping at your showroom, turn their vehicle into a trade-in. When they are getting their vehicle serviced, try to buy it from them. Every conversation is an opportunity to gain that valuable piece of inventory. Stay on top of what’s going on around you. Take every chance to bolster your inventory with the right vehicles.

Don’t be frightened to make some changes this fall. You have every opportunity to get your dealership in order. Examine your reputation with a thorough lens. Ensure every touchpoint is clean and easy to interact with. But don’t stop there. Get a proper training regimen in order. Provide opportunities for your staff to learn and grow by having a solution on hand that eliminates the knowledge gap. Finally, do everything in your power to get some more inventory on your lot. Creativity is your best friend, so start thinking outside the box.

Gearing your dealership up for fall isn’t difficult. MAX Digital has the solutions in place to help you beat back the ghosts of the past. From automating ads to a digital showroom, MAX Digital is here to help you successfully launch into the end of the year. Schedule your free consultation with MAX Digital today.