Is Your Technology Slowing Down Your Dealership?

July 29, 2021

The importance of technology for automotive retail has long been established. The problem is that if you aren’t utilizing the freshest technology on the market, your dealership is going to suffer. You need to be nimble by leveraging a full stack of solutions that start with the basics of inventory management and sales enablement. Time is money, after all, so any slowdowns will cost in the present and the future.

But, as a car dealership, where do you begin the process of evaluating your technology to make sure you aren’t being slowed down? You see, there are many technology options in the marketplace. Everything from your DMS to your CRM needs to work together in harmony. If there are hiccups in your solution stack, you risk slowing down the sales cycle, ruining the customer experience, and destroying your chances of making sales at a higher gross.

Start with the backbone of success for your lot: data. The best data drives strong results. And to get that, you need a next-generation solution that is capable of delivering mature merchandising and inventory management. Form a solid foundational core for your dealerships to appraise, price, merchandise, and sell vehicles with a modern inventory management platform. This allows you to be fully in tune with your customers while providing an expedited sales cycle.

Next, evaluate which systems are working and which are falling behind. It is important that you evaluate your software honestly. If you don’t, your dealership will surely slow down and your competition will get the upper hand. Stop this from happening by asking the right questions about usage for merchandising and sales enablement. (If you aren’t sure where to start, ask a MAX Digital consultant right now!)

The true impact of nimble technology will be on business function, performance, and overall profit generation. The slower your dealership moves, the more damage you are doing to your long-term roadmap. Engage your staff with your technology to improve the core nature of your business. You know you want to sell more cars at the highest attainable gross, so put your technology to work for your dealership and your staff at as fast a pace as possible.

But don’t overlook the customer experience. The ways consumers shop your dealership has a large impact on long-term goals. If the customer experience isn’t up to par, then the forward momentum you build will be stopped in its tracks. Technology plays a factor here. Don’t dismiss the power that an elevated customer experience has on the longevity of your lot. Poor technology slows the interaction between you and consumers. It leaves you at a disadvantage as there are fewer touchpoints for engagement. The path to purchase will be diminished and you will miss out on sales.

Overall, your dealership relies on multiple technologies to drive profitability. Increase the quality of your data to empower your lot to financial success. Put a focus on the tangible technologies that deliver a streamlined experience. With emerging technologies arriving daily, you must evaluate your software set-up to identify opportunities for next-generation solutions. The best part is that you don’t have to navigate these waters alone. MAX Digital is the premier partner for helping you get the fastest, most nimble technology available for inventory management and sales enablement. At the end of the day, you sell more cars faster and at a higher gross. Schedule your free consultation today.