It’s Time to Make the Car Buying Process Fun

November 2, 2021

Let’s face it, buying a new or used car can be draining. Consumers spend a great deal of time shopping. And while digital retailing has accelerated portions of the process, it has done little to make buying a car more fun. The modern customer has certain expectations when they log on to your website or step on to your lot. It’s up to you to meet and exceed those expectations by delivering a next-level customer experience that is engaging and exciting.

Start with communication. This is a huge factor for providing a fun car buying experience. The more you can communicate with consumers, the better they will understand your brand and your positioning. For selling cars, begin by ensuring that your website, social media, and advertisements are up to par. Leverage the proper technology to speak directly with customers in a way that they want to hear...when they want to hear it. Make your ads upbeat and engaging by utilizing a solution that automates write-ups based on actual vehicle trim and package information.

One major distractor for customers is a lack of transparency. There is nothing fun about worrying if you are getting a great deal or not. You need to dodge the stigma of being a slick salesperson in a plaid jacket. Instead, provide honesty and insights directly to the customer. Be a friend, a consultant. Help them when they need it. Anything to get away from being viewed simply as another salesperson. Customers want a fun experience, and by depriving them of visibility into the sales process will only turn shoppers away.

Another way to increase fun on your sales floor is by stepping up your knowledge base. Your staff needs to be able to speak directly with consumers about your cars. Your salespeople need to be experts on your various products and be able to speak about each piece of inventory on your lot. Deploy a solution that digitizes your showroom and increases the engagement between customer and salesperson. When you bridge the knowledge gap, you create a more friendly environment that is conducive to an exciting atmosphere. Train your staff right and watch as they transform your lot from mundane.

Put a focus on your customer and aim to create a unique, fun experience. Be confident in your inventory and your staff. Let them have fun as well. Be the lot that consumers want to shop at. There are many ways to accomplish this, and you don’t have to do it alone. MAX Digital works with dealerships across the country to streamline processes and create fun experiences for your customers. Your reputation matters, so go above and beyond when it comes to creating touchpoints for consumers. Schedule a free consultation today and learn how MAX Digital can help you achieve your goals.