Make Merchandising Easy and Make More Money Today

March 14, 2023

The used car market continues to expand. And with these developments come fluctuations that impact business processes and sales trends. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict where the market will go next. To be successful, used car dealers need to practice safer selling habits daily. Having a cadence for how you take control of your operations is important especially as it pertains to merchandising. You see, how you merchandise your inventory plays a huge factor in the way you sell vehicles, provide heightened digital and physical customer experiences, and manage your reputation on your lot. Don’t take merchandising lightly. Dig into data to make informed decisions that attract attention to your lot while transforming shoppers into buyers. The road to proper merchandising begins by deploying solutions designed to elevate your business…not hinder it.The first step is to capture the highest quality data possible. For automotive retail, data is a difference maker. The greater the insights into your operations, the better your chances to hold more gross while improving the overall customer experience. With a solution catered to the actual needs of your lot, you gain insights into how your operations are performing at your dealership. You remove the guessing game and instead can make confident decisions about pricing.Next, take every interaction between your dealership and consumers seriously. People will be shopping your inventory in a variety of ways. A hybrid approach to buying that combines traditional and digital browsing is trending to be the preferred method of shopping. Take the time to leverage the data you capture to influence how you syndicate your inventory online. In doing so, you ensure that ads are written with SEO-friendly language, your vehicles are being pushed out on social properties (as well as your website), and shoppers have exposure to all the packages and trim levels that they care about.The final step in the process is empowering your sales team to be the best at what they do. For many shoppers, buying a car is more than just a simple transaction. They demand a customer experience that caters to their shopping style and needs. That means your sales team needs to be product experts on every vehicle on your lot. Put the power in your staff’s hands and allow them to answer consumer questions from anywhere. Interactions are no longer taking place solely on your lot. Prepare your team to be the consultants customers desire by translating the data you capture into conversation starters and dealer closers.Merchandising is an important function of your success. Pricing, ads, and selling techniques are all critical components of a modern dealership. No longer can you guess what number to put on a used vehicle. Your website and social media properties need to operate as an extension of your sales team. And of course, your sales team needs to be product experts across a variety of brands.Guessing is a thing of the past. And that’s where MAX Digital comes in. Merchandising is made easy through MAX’s advanced tools for digital showrooms and syndication. You don’t have to be alone in your decisions. If you want to enhance operations, rightsize pricing, bring more traffic to your lot, and increase sales, then you need MAX Digital in your corner. Schedule your free demo today!