Make the Car the Star

March 23, 2022

Your dealership and digital properties need to be a lightning rod for attracting customers. There is so much noise in the automotive retail industry that if you aren’t properly positioning your inventory, you risk getting lost in the shuffle. The only way to stand out in the crowded marketplace is to make the car the star. You have many options for advertising your inventory. But, if you don’t let your vehicles shine, then chances are customers will simply overlook your dealership. Now is the time to polish your ads and put an emphasis on how you present your inventory.

Syndicating your vehicles is a great way to get your inventory out into the world. However, if your ads are subpar, people won’t pay much attention. Think of it like fishing. You have the bait, but sometimes you need a little extra pizzazz to attract the fish. Your customers want to see all of the dazzling features and packages your vehicles have to offer. In a clean manner, present this information directly to the consumer. Highlighting the key components of a car will truly make it a star while providing the key information the customer desires. Not only is this a crucial step in giving the necessary details, but it will also help your SEO and organic searches for your inventory.

Once you’ve got the right ad copy, put a focus on the vehicle itself. A properly photographed car can be a beautiful thing. The consumer can almost feel the steering wheel. They can almost hear the engine. They can almost smell the leather. That’s the power of taking quality pictures. Wax the exterior, shine up the interior, and clean out the clutter. Take special note of the surrounding area where you are taking the photographs. Eliminate any distractions, shadows, or awkward reflections. This is the big debut of your inventory. When a consumer is shopping online, they will take notice of a carefully crafted ad paired with a thoughtfully shot picture of the car.

Finally, be smart about how you approach your ads for your vehicles. Leverage data to make informed decisions on what to include and how to include it. Automation is a game-changer here. Technology is available to generate the ads based on the listed packages. Gone are the days of manually nitpicking over words and phrases. Today’s industry is about empowering employees to perform at the highest level possible. Give your salespeople a fighting chance by curating the best ads possible without lifting a finger.

Writing ads for your dealership shouldn’t be a chore. From the words to the images, make the car the star. Let it stand out as a valuable piece of inventory. Merchandising has evolved. And as digital retailing continues to take a foothold in the automotive retail industry, it’s up to you to participate in transforming the way you advertise. Technology exists to make your job easier. Make the proper investments now while the marketplace is still strong. After all, you don’t want to fix a leaky roof when it’s raining.

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