MAX BDC: The Next Big Thing for the Automotive BDC

March 4, 2020

In the information era, your storefront has expanded far beyond your physical dealership. Your average auto buyer goes through dozens of marketing touchpoints before even visiting your location. One of the most significant opportunities to influence potential customers is through your business development center (BDC) team.

However, your BDC is only as good as their information. That’s why MAX Digital created the all-new MAX BDC. This intuitive software solution puts the information your customers want at your BDC team’s fingertips, turning them into product experts.

What Is a BDC and Why is it So Important?

Your automotive business development center, or BDC, effectively serves as your dealership’s customer support. It is the call center customers can contact for information about your dealership or your inventory of vehicles.

It’s impossible for every member of your BDC to know every relevant detail about every vehicle on your lot, but callers want quick and accurate information. The quality of these answers may be the deciding factor that brings customers into your store.

Why Choose Max BDC?

MAX BDC is a collaborative digital retailing tool that offers auto business development center specialists a database and search engine they can use to quickly look up and provide detailed information on any vehicle on your lot.

Team members can look up information on specific vehicles, search for key features, and highlight high value options with just a few keystrokes. Vehicle pages are easy to read and intuitive, putting the information most customers want to know up front.

BDC specialists can also personalize the caller’s experience by saving favorites and customer preferences, which can be shared across the organization with other auto business development center workers and sales team members.

It’s also easy to schedule and manage in-store appointments with the app, making it easy to move customers to the next stage of the sales funnel within one phone call.

Create a Smooth Customer Experience

Modern auto buyers do their homework before choosing a car. For that reason they often have their search narrowed down to a few specific vehicles or key features before they contact you. These customers expect speedy and authoritative responses from the employees they speak to.

MAX makes answering any customer question easy with a search engine that turns conversational questions into accurate and useful search results, letting you give customers the exact information they want.

Helps With Lead Generation

When it comes time to convert a caller, you don’t want to have to send them to another department to schedule their visit. No one likes being put on hold. The MAX BDC tool lets the same team member schedule their appointment, letting the customer work with one person for their entire call.  

Set Up In-Store Success

Saving customer information doesn’t just benefit the customer. It can also arm the salesperson with valuable information when the buyer comes into the dealership. They’ll have access to preferences, desired features, favorite vehicles, and more, helping them speed up the sales process and make a deal faster.

From the initial call, to the appointment, to finding the vehicle. MAX BDC is there every step of the way.

See MAX BDC in Action

Ready to learn more about how MAX BDC can help your dealership convert more leads? Schedule a demo with a member of our team today.

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