How MAX’s Dealership Appraisal Tool Can Protect Your Profits

January 22, 2018

In today’s highly competitive auto market, it is getting more and more difficult for dealerships to protect their profit margins. A good merchandising strategy is key, but success starts even earlier. If you want to sell to modern customers, you need to make sure you’re offering the cars they’re looking for at the prices they want. MAXDigital’s dealership appraisal tool can make this easier.

Learn how MAX’s inventory management software can help your dealership with acquisition and pricing.

Get the Right Cars at the Right Price with MAXDigital’s Dealership Appraisal Tool

Find the Right Cars

When you use MAX’s inventory management system, you’re getting far more than just an appraisal tool. Our system makes sure you’re acquiring the right cars from the start. MAX’s acquisition software uses your dealership’s historical sales data and recent market data to help you find the vehicles that are most likely to sell. This way, you’ll always have your best-selling models stocked while being on top of growing trends.

Access to the Latest Market Data

Once you’ve found the cars you want, MAX’s dealership appraisal tool makes sure you get them for a fair price. Our inventory management system has access to the latest market research data. This appraisal information is analyzed, and the results are sent directly to your sales team.

Save Time for Your Sales Team

By moving appraisal to the MAXDigital, you’ll be able to take the hours of market research out of the hands of members of your team. This frees them up to focus more on merchandising and other activities that can help you sell more cars and grow your dealership.

Proper Pricing Starts with Proper Acquisition

Modern dealerships usually have to price their vehicles very close to market value to be able to sell. When you pay too much at the acquisition stage, you’re cutting out a part of your profit margins. Being able to price your cars correctly counts on the accurate appraisal that MAX’s software solutions provide.

Start ensuring higher profit margins by improving appraising smarter. Schedule a demo to find out what MAXDigital’s dealership appraisal tool can do for you.