Mike Cavanaugh with Alpha Dawg Jim Zieglar

April 16, 2019

During a recent Facebook live interview, MAX Digital EVP Mike Cavanaugh chatted with “the Alpha Dawg” Jim Zieglar about solutions to help dealers succeed. They discussed digital retailing, turning salespeople into instant experts, a collaborative trade-in process and much more.

J: Hi, Jim Zieglar the Alpha Dawg and I’ve got an exciting show for you today. One of my new friends Mike Cavanaugh from MAX Digital. Now, before we get into this and bring him on the broadcast I’ve got to a little housekeeping. Sit tight. I’m not going to sing to you this time. Make this public. High tech. Everything’s looking good. Done. Hi, I’m back. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my new friend, Mike Cavanaugh. Hello Mike.

M: Hey, how’s it going Jim?

J: I’m having the best day of my entire life. It’s exciting. Now here we are. MAX Digital, I had a conversation before we went live with the broadcast. Tell me a little about MAX Digital. What is the history of the company? How did you become involved? Who are you?

M: Happy to give you some background. MAX Digital has been around about 15 years. We were one of the pioneers in inventory management. We do everything from syndication, inventory management, merchandising is something that we specialize in. We have some of the best market data and vehicle build data in the country. Now we are getting more and more into digital retailing. Everyone is talking about that now. We do a lot with tools to help salespeople, BDC people to help them become instant product experts. Our latest tool helps to create a collaborative trade-in appraisal process. That’s what we do at MAX. I found out about MAX because I was a dealer before. I was a COO of a dealership group with 20 states in 9 states. We were a customer. One thing that stood out about MAX Digital was they really cared about their dealers, they didn’t have a hidden agenda, and they were priced really reasonably…..

Watch this lively discussion between two auto industry pros here!

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